Zagorskaya breed of chickens

Zagorskaya breed of chickens

Zagorskaya breed of chickens

Zagorskaya is considered a Russian breed of chickens, since it was bred in the same institute, which is located in the Moscow region. In addition, the breed is optimally adapted to the conditions of Russian villages, both climatic and general.

Chickens resistant to low temperatures, do not require special combined fodder. This fact influenced the popularity of the breed for breeding in the village yards.

Origin of the breed

Zagorsk was renamed Sergiev Posad. But this innovation has not changed the attitude towards the poultry institute, formerly known on the territory of the former USSR. It was here that one of the most famous breeds of chicken meat-egg category – Zagorskaya – was bred.

The following breeds of chickens were involved in breeding: Russian white, New Hampshire, Royland. Poultry farmers managed to combine the best qualities in one breed.

Analysis of the data makes it possible to confirm with confidence that this breed is quite young. The first representatives were introduced to the world 60 years ago. But despite this, they have become famous not only on large poultry farms, but also small household yards.

Features of Zohar breeds

From the first day you can easily distinguish chicks on the basis of gender. Chickens are recognized due to the gray-pink strip on the back. Petushki do not have any pigmentation. A week later, the chickens show a pinkish color of flight feathers, and in roosters a black-gray color.

The documented color of the breed is characteristic only of chickens. On the breast feathers acquire a shade of salmon fillets.

The advantage of Zagorsk chickens is their ability to add weight quickly and optimally. For a period of 3 months, a weight of 2 kg is achieved.

Zagorsk chickens are known as representatives of the egg category. Statistics confirm this fact. Nesushki reproduce about 250 eggs throughout the year. Eggs have a pale brown hue.

Zagorskaya breed of chickens

External Description

Weighty quality of the chickens of the described breed is egg production, as well as the fastest growth. Although chickens also have their grace and charm. Mostly poultry farmers are charmed by salmon. It is this quality that is the main distinguishing feature of pure breed.

The head of the bird is of medium size, of regular round shape. The beak has a characteristic yellow color and a hooked shape. The crest of the cockerel is small in size and miniature in the chickens. Pale color earrings are almost invisible. The breed is distinguished by a long body, broad chest, strong legs. The legs of the chickens are not covered with feathers.

Conditions of detention

The Zagorskaya chickens are fairly simple in content and do not require additional conditions. Birds do not suffer from the effects of low temperatures. For birds of this breed any grain will do. Corn grain will not be a problem either. The breed is comfortable enough in the village yards, feeding on food waste. But still you should take care and build a chicken coop and roost for your pets. For birds, it is necessary to provide walks, which has a beneficial effect on the overall condition of the Zagorian chickens, as well as their immunity.

Providing basic conditions will help maintain a good level of health of birds, as well as the quality of products.

It should be noted that the chickens quite often try to slip away and pohozjanynichat in the garden.

How to remove broilers?

Courses of the Zagorskaya breed can be used in the selection of meat broilers. To do this, you should choose a pair of Zagorskaya breed from the Cornish or Kuchinsky jubilee breed, and also Adlers. The Rooster should pick up a chicken from Plymouthrock or New Hampshire.

As a result, birds reach a weight of more than 1.5 kg within 80 days.

Zagorskaya breed of chickens