Wood splitter with own hands

Wood splitter with own hands

In our time, many people do not know what a wood splitter is. The majority of the population are accustomed to gas and electric heating. But there are villages and settlements where gas pipes do not reach and people in the old way harvest wood for the winter on their own

To help the village people came up with woodcutters to facilitate work. Of course, you can buy such a device in the store, but the price bites. Some craftsmen with their own hands came up with homemade woodcutters. They are of a horizontal, vertical and mixed type

In turn, woodcutters are divided according to the type of power source into types:

1. equipped with electric motors.

2. with petrol or diesel fuel.

3. on tractor traction.

4. with a combined drive source.

Also they are divided according to their design into types:

1. with a hydraulic drive.

2. conical.

You can make a simple wood splitter

In order to make a wood splitter with a hydraulic drive, you will need:

1. Profile pipes forty to fifty millimeters. One pipe should be one and a half meters, the second – twenty centimeters.

2. A piece of metal thirty millimeters thick, sharpened with a wedge.

3. Metal corners.

4. A strip of metal is 8 millimeters.

5. Jack.

Wood splitter with own hands

First option. First take a one and a half meter pipe and weld it to the platform. This one-and-a-half meter pipe will be a guide. Then take the smaller pipe and weld it in the middle of the pipe, sharpened piece of metal. A piece of metal, it will be necessary to sharpen in advance in the form of a wedge

The next step is to make a slider that will be put on the guide. Slider cook from the corners. The slider should move easily along the guide. To the slider we weld the platform into which the jack rod will rest

Put the slider on the guide. Then to the top of one and a half meter tuba we weld a pipe with a sharpened blade. The blade must be pointed with the point down. Pipes must be welded at an angle of ninety degrees. At the bottom of the structure we weld to the jack a platform on which it will stand

In the role of the platform you will have a strip of thickness of eight millimeters. The handle of the jack will also need to be remade. The handle will need to weld the pedal. This will give you the opportunity to work with your foot. Then there is the matter of technology. Place the log on the reinforced part of the slider and operate the jack. As the log grows, it will rest against the wedge-shaped metal. Under pressure from one side of the jack and the edge of the blade, the log can easily split

Wood splitter with own hands

The second option is a self-made wood splitter. We make a platform in the form of the letter “T” of metal thickness of eight centimeters. On two edges we weld profile pipes forty to fifty millimeters. These pipes in the upper part are connected by a frame from the same profile pipe. In the middle of the frame we fix the cone wedge

Below, we install a standard car jack. A hand jack can be improved by welding a pedal to it. Thanks to a welded pedal, you will be more comfortable working with your foot. Further we start work

We put a wooden chuck on the jack and start working as a jack. The jack begins to press on the chock from the bottom. Churka rests against a conical wedge. Under the pressure of the jack, the tip of the wedge begins to be pressed into the chock, which causes it to split

Wood splitter with own hands

In the process of how you will make a log splitter yourself you can complement it with your ideas. For example, in order for the jack pedal to return to its original position, you can simply weld the roller near the jack. Then take the rubber harness and connect the roller and the other side of the pedal handle to it.

Wood splitter with own hands