Why do cucumbers turn yellow leaves?

Why do cucumbers turn yellow leaves?

When the cucumbers start to turn yellow, the first thing that comes to mind is a moisture deficit. When there is a shortage of water, any plant, especially if it is fertile, starts to save moisture, dropping leaves

Why do cucumbers turn yellow leaves?

Many gardeners sin that water cucumbers often, but not enough. But this method of irrigation distributes all the moisture in the soil, not giving it to the roots. In this case, the plant begins to adapt, raising the roots, which in the sun overheat and are damaged as a result of loosening

Some summer residents on the contrary watered seldom, but on a lot. This is also an incorrect approach. Since in this case the plant is simply filled with water for a while, but in the hot sun it dries quickly, or in cloudy weather, the roots begin to rot

To the leaves of cucumbers do not yell, and the fruits were delicious is important watering. When watering twice a week for one bush enough 25 liters of water

Why do cucumbers turn yellow leaves?

The irrigation system is built correctly, and the leaves all the same turn yellow. What else could be the reason? There are several options:

    when watering, leaves get water on the leaves, which in the bright sun causes a burn of greens (it is better to water it in the evening or early in the morning); incorrectly selected site for planting (it is better to choose one where even in the peak the sun’s rays are not so active); too high air temperature (if cucumbers are grown in a greenhouse, then it must be ventilated); lack of minerals (possible lack of calcium, magnesium, nitrogen, iron or zinc); defeat by parasites (white-winged aphids located at the bottom of leaves and leads to yellowness); plant disease.

Speaking about diseases of cucumbers, it is worth noting that in the first place yellow leaves are affected by fungal diseases

For example, fusarium fungus damages the roots, which leads first to yellowing of the leaves, and then to the withering of the plant as a whole. Very often such a disease is observed with sudden changes in temperature. Another frequent disease is pityosis, which leads to necrosis of cucumber roots


Why do cucumbers turn yellow leaves?

To prevent yellowness of the leaves, it is necessary to choose the right place for their planting, to provide deep timely watering and top dressing. When applying fertilizers, pay attention to the recommended dosage

To prevent the development of fungal diseases, it is worthwhile to use a crop rotation. In greenhouses, it is necessary to disinfect or periodically replace the soil

Besides this, biological means for soil disinfection are effective. For this, the soil from the greenhouse is laid out from the outside in a pile up to 1 meter high. Each layer is impregnated with compost, humus tincture and other preparations with active microorganisms. This method of disinfection by time takes about 2-3 years

Do not forget that mechanical damage to cucumber roots also contributes to the development of fungal diseases. It is necessary to avoid loosening the soil, it is better to spend more time preparing soil before planting

Biophysicides containing trichodermine can be used for biological protection of this culture. Bring it at a distance of 3 to 10 centimeters from the shoots into each hole. It suppresses the development of pathogenic organisms, and also stimulates the development of any vegetable crops. It is also worth noting that it is safe for both animals and humans

The best option is to prevent yellowing of the leaves. Provide the culture with proper care and monitor the condition of the soil microflora. Observing simple rules, you will provide yourself with a good harvest.

Why do cucumbers turn yellow leaves?