White Moscow breed of ducks

White Moscow breed of ducks

White Moscow breed of ducks

Most people believe that ducks are not economical, voracious, very noisy birds. But this opinion is erroneous. Of course, ducks eat a lot, but because of this and very quickly gain weight. For two months, the duck is gaining 3-4 kilograms. And if the ducks are kept near a pond with duckweed and various vegetation, the birds will manage the owners very cheaply. However, in this case, the ducks will be slightly longer to fatten.

Duck families are divided into: – meat species; – egg species; – meat-egg breeds.

The most famous and popular on the avian market are meat varieties. Meat breeds are prolific fast-growing. Their meat has excellent taste properties. The disadvantage of these species is a low, but not very low egg production. The most common representatives of this species are the white Moscow ducks.

Let us consider this breed in more detail. This breed was produced in the Moscow region, on the territory of the state farm “Ptichnoe” in the 40s and 50s. When crossing females of the Peking breed with Kembel’s Ducks, this breed of ducks was bred by breeders. As a result – a duck with excellent egg production, as well as wonderful meat qualities. Also crossed the females of this breed with the Beijing Ducks. This increased the weight of the bird, and also increased the growth rate of young ducklings.

Thanks to all the above qualities, these ducks are widely distributed on farms and private farms of Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, the Baltic States. They are mostly bred and kept on small farms.

External characteristics

Appearance of the Moscow duck is very similar to its Peking relatives. However, there are some differences between these breeds.

The external characteristics of the representatives of the breed: – a large head, a long form, which rests on a long neck, of medium thickness; – The beak is light pink in color, broad in shape; – eyes are high; – wide duck breast; – the trunk is almost horizontal delivery; – the paws of the duck are widely spaced, short, of medium thickness; – feathers of ducks are usually white, not having excess impurities and shades.

The drake reaches a weight of up to 4 kilograms, and the weight of females is up to 3.5 kg. Yaytsenoskost of the breed is from 100 to 150 eggs per year. The weight of eggs is on average 85 to 90 grams. It should be noted that the high egg-laying of these ducks persists for a couple of years. With proper care and nutrition, the young in the 50-day-old age gain weight in an excellent manner. Their weight can reach 2.5 kg, the ducklings look very fat. A distinctive feature of the drake in this breed is the bent several feathers of the tail ring up.

White Moscow breed of ducks

Advantages of the white Moscow breed of ducks

The most important advantages of the breed are: – tender meat with high taste properties; – fatness; – a skin of pure white color; – the egg lay of the breed is high. It persists for many years; – excellent viability of ducks; – perfect hatchability. Fig. 2 Duck of the Moscow white breed

Meat ducks of the Moscow white breed has excellent taste properties. They have white skin. The skeleton of ducks is thinly stiff. They have very high reproductive qualities, as well as their safety. These ducks do not require special care. They are not fastidious in the diet and do not require special care, which means a lot of time. And the most important factor is that they are resistant to various diseases.

This breed is very common, so the advantages can also be attributed to the affordable price of ducks.

In addition, the ducks have high immunity, allowing them to easily carry winter frosts.

If you decide to purchase such ducks for personal breeding in the countryside, simply feed the bird with various cereals. The rest of the food she can find herself, grazing in local surroundings.

White Moscow breed of ducks