When to plant cucumber seedlings

When to plant cucumber seedlings

When to plant cucumber seedlings

Cucumbers are one of the most popular and popular vegetables. There are no people who would not like them. It’s amazing that almost the whole mass of cucumbers is water, but it does not stop to be useful, nutritious, tasty and incredibly aromatic. A traditional dish for our country is fried potatoes with pickled cucumbers. The discovery of these vegetables also became for the nutritionist

As the summer season is getting closer, it’s time to talk about the timing of planting cucumbers for seedlings.

When to plant cucumbers

When to plant cucumber seedlings

To cucumber as soon as possible gave a harvest, they should be planted in a seedling method, and not directly in the open ground already in the summer days, when a warm weather set in

Each summer resident learns about the time of landing each year from the boarding calendar. It was used by people of antiquity, it is guided by modern people. After all, despite all the achievements of science, our heavenly satellite influenced the planet as many thousands of years ago, and now

In what connection with plants, many can ask. The fact is that for no one, no secret that the moon causes tides. It also affects living organisms, forcing their juices to move. Therefore, in one day all the forces of plants can be in the roots, and on other days in the aboveground part. Never work on a full moon or a new moon. Especially it concerns crops

Plant cucumbers in seedlings need in late February – early March. You can also plant in April, then in a month they will be transferred not to greenhouses, but to open ground. But to harvest in the spring, not in the summer, the vegetables are planted in greenhouses. If we talk about the exact dates of sowing in 2016, then this is:

    March – 26th, 29th and 30th; April – 7, 8, 11, 22, 23; May – 9, 10, 11 and 22-th number; June – 5, 11 and 12.

How to plant cucumber seedlings

We sorted out the terms. Now, with regard to the technology of planting seedlings. For planting it is necessary to select the seeds. Better, of course, that they are tested varieties from their own garden. Then you will know exactly what harvest to expect from them

When buying new varieties for greenhouse cultivation, give preference to hybrid species that are specially designed for closed soil. They can be grown even on the windowsill, and here you get cucumbers

Before planting, any seeds should be checked for germination and pickled against diseases. The simplest and most accessible for each method is water and manganese. It was used before, this method is still true. Put seeds in water or in water with salt. Wait until some of the seeds drown, stir, wait a bit more. When all the seeds are already divided into two parts, the upper ones can be removed

The seeds should be dried from the bottom. A week before planting, pickle them in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Required in weak, otherwise the germination will be bad

Before planting, the seeds are germinated. This will accelerate the germination. Fold in a few layers of gauze, put the seeds in the middle, spray from the top of the spray to make the fabric well-moistened. Then put on 2-3 days in a warm place, constantly making sure that the gauze was wet. Soon the seeds will germinate, and you can begin to plant

Cucumbers can be planted in various ways: in the usual long containers, in plastic cups, in plastic bottles, even when using toilet paper. The latter method is strange, but it gives good results

Soil for cucumbers should be nutritious, well drained, moist. Also, after planting, be sure to put the container on the lightest window sill, as the cucumbers are very hygrophilous and light-loving culture

That’s all the main recommendations and timing of landing, which tells us the lunar calendar in 2016. Observing all the tips, you can get an excellent result in the shortest possible time.

When to plant cucumber seedlings