We make a greenhouse with our own hands

We make a greenhouse with our own hands

The greenhouse with our own hands is a reality. Every person is pleased when he has fresh vegetables from his greenhouse on his desk. And it is doubly pleasant, when these vegetables are grown personally, without any chemicals

In order to build a greenhouse yourself you need to decide what you want to build. Greenhouses are winter and summer. How much money do you expect? They also differ in their structure

Most people build arched greenhouses. In such greenhouses, plants grown receive more sunlight. The roof in this greenhouse is arcuate. The rays of the sun, which fall inside, as if scattered throughout the greenhouse. In winter, such a roof is simply not going to snow, it just rolls to the ground

Also there are hothouses one-run. They are attached to the main part of the building. They are mainly attached to the southern part of the main building. Such a one-run greenhouse allows you to save the territory of the site. There is another plus for such a greenhouse

If it is attached to a building that is heated, then you will have less heating costs for the greenhouse itself. Of course, there is a minus of such a structure. In the winter season, when it’s snowing, it will partially remain on the roof and you will have to periodically remove it from the roof of your greenhouse

In the construction of greenhouses are also popular two-tiered greenhouses. The roof is made in the form of a triangle. Such greenhouses, unlike others, are more spacious

Summer greenhouses are convenient because they can be made very easily and quickly even by people who have never built anything. Also, if desired, they can be disassembled for the winter period and neatly folded into a barn

We make a greenhouse with our own hands

To build such a greenhouse, you will need:

1. For assembling the frame – boards. Preliminarily the boards will need to be treated with linseed oil or impregnated with resin.

2. Bars to strengthen the corners of the design itself.

3. PVC pipes, which will serve you at the same time as a roof and walls.

4. Nails for fixing the structure.

5. Canopies for doors.

6. A heck or a lock.

7. Handles on the door.

8. Fasteners, which will be needed to fasten the pipes.

9. Metric reinforcement.

10. Impenetrable polyethylene film.

The first thing to do is to choose a place for future construction. It should be smooth. The earth needs to be properly tampered with. Then it is necessary to bring down already processed boards along the perimeter of the greenhouse. This design will serve as your foundation. As we all know, the foundation needs to be strengthened

To do this, you need to fix the boards. Dug the prepared meter armature by forty centimeters into the ground, along the entire perimeter of the structure. The reinforcement must be dug at the same distance from each other. For a three to six greenhouse, you will need thirty-five meters of reinforcement. On the surface should remain sixty centimeters of reinforcement

We make a greenhouse with our own hands

Then it is necessary to put cut PVC pipes on the armature. These pipes will connect the opposite sides of your greenhouse. Then fasten the pipes to the boards using a screwdriver. Next, we fix the corners of the structure with the bars. From these bars we make a doorway for one of the width of the greenhouse. The next step is to take several PVC pipes equal to the length of the greenhouse and fix them between the transverse greenhouse tubes

After all this, you can cover the frame with a film. It can be fixed with brackets or with wooden slats to the pipes. When tightening the front of the frame, you will need to film, in the place where the door will be located, turn inside. Then, having frozen the doorway, we knock down the frame from the bars, which is covered with a film. With the help of sheds we fix our door to the aperture.

We make a greenhouse with our own hands