Grape seedlings

Grapes seedlings are called young plants, which are obtained with the help of vegetative reproduction. They grow them in school. For the propagation of seedlings, cuttings or grafts are used, then they […]

Mulching of soil

Mulching – to improve the properties of the soil it is covered with special mulch. To do this, apply a variety of materials. To maintain the healthy state of plants, mulching is […]


To get a new kind and variety of grapes are inoculated, this is the most common method for obtaining novelties and the newest hybrid forms of grapes. The method of plant grafting […]

How to grow grapes

Most lovers of dacha farming grow grapes on their plots of land. Care for him – it’s quite a laborious process. After all, the growth and development of the plant depend on […]

Care of grapes

To grape the bush perfectly developed and annually gave a qualitative and abundant harvest after it must be carefully looked after. In the spring and summer, you will have to work a […]


Every gardener and lover of grapes knows that it is necessary to prune and prepare a vine in advance, since this is not an easy job. From what the harvest will bring […]

Useful properties of grapes

In addition, the grapes have excellent taste, it is very useful for the human body. First of all, it is a wonderful antioxidant. In addition, the fruit contains a large number of […]

Spider mites

A common type of insects that are found everywhere is a spider mite. It has about 1270 species and 95 genera. These insects are small and their length reaches no more than […]

How to crop grapes

From the proper pruning of the grapes, its growth, the formation of the fruit, and the quantity and quality of the harvest obtained directly depend on it. If the bush is not […]

Planting of grapes

Autumn is a great period for cutting cuttings. During this period, a large number of nutrients are accumulated. Those plants that were cut in autumn are more suitable for rooting than spring. […]

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