Vietnamese viscous rock pigs

Vietnamese viscous rock pigs

Vietnamese viscous rock pigs

This breed in our country is still little known, although it was brought to Europe in 1985. Despite the unknown, the breed Vietnamese vislobryukha is gaining increasing popularity. This is due to the many advantages in breeding these animals

Advantages of Vietnamese vislobryuchih pigs. The most important advantage of these individuals is fertility and early sexual maturation. This allows females to produce offspring as early as 4-5 months, which is extremely early in comparison with other breeds. Also, the number of piglets is also amazing – 12-20 cubs are brought by a sow per gut! This indicator is much higher than the norms of classical breeds

Despite the fact that these pigs are considered rather small, in comparison with other breeds, the weight of the adult female is 100-120 kilograms, and the boar is up to 150! If we take into account sufficiently rapid growth, then this is an excellent indicator

In addition, this breed has a very high percentage of meat from live weight – 75-80%! This is quite indicative, because for a small enough individual this is a wonderful volume

Also, this breed is very peaceful and friendly character. They have no inclination to aggression, which is characteristic of other breeds. Some breeders compare these pigs to dogs, as they are pretty smart and kind

Feeding and maintenance. Undoubtedly, the Vietnamese pigs are the most unpretentious not only in the content, but also in the stern. In order to keep these animals, there is no need for capital structures, because they do not tend to undermine the floor and break fences. In addition, they are very clean and divide their house into the bedroom, kitchen and toilet areas. This pig goes to the need of always in one place, so cleaning will not take long

Also, the distinctive feature of these pigs is the complete absence of a characteristic odor. This breed is absolutely devoid of this cost of keeping pigs

Many believe that this breed feeds exclusively on herbs and hay, but this is not entirely true. Grow a good pig and the appropriate weight on the grass will not succeed, cereal food is necessary for it to fully develop and form a greasy layer

There is only one point of the requirement for the content of pigs of this breed – a litter of hay. Haybed floor in the room with the animal will be a beautiful and comfortable bedding

Where the breed is used. The main advantage of the breed is excellent dietary meat! It contains a minimum of fats and has a gentle and excellent taste. It was quickly recognized in the Russian market and the demand for it is quite high

In addition to excellent meat, these pigs also have a delicious fat, but its thickness is no more than 7 centimeters. Salo slightly differs in structure, it is lighter and milder than the fat of other breeds of pigs

In fact, this breed is developing quite actively. Farmers are aware of the benefits of growing such pigs, thanks to which, Vietnamese pigs are increasingly in demand in our country.

Vietnamese viscous rock pigs