Vegetable growing

Turnips: growing and grooming

The most suitable ground for turnip is considered to be light earth – peat bogs, loam, sandy loam. Before planting the soil should be fertilized, and if the acidity is increased, then […]

When to plant cucumber seedlings

Cucumbers are one of the most popular and popular vegetables. There are no people who would not like them. It’s amazing that almost the whole mass of cucumbers is water, but it […]

Growing salad in the garden

Salad – fast-growing, annual vegetable. Its crisp, fresh leaves have been used in many dishes Ogorodniki gladly grow a variety of plant species in their summer cottages. The plant is unpretentious. It […]

Cabbage pests

Everyone, whether an avid gardener or just a beginner, wants to grow and gather from his garden, the best harvest To collect a good harvest is not enough to prepare a good […]

Top dressing of tomato seedlings

In order to get a good harvest, it is not enough to choose the seeds of tomatoes and just plant them. Throughout its growth, seedlings require proper care. If the tomato seedlings […]

Picking tomatoes

Tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables in our country. Love them and around the world, which is not surprising. After all, tomatoes have a lot of useful substances in their […]

Carrots: planting and care in the open ground

Who among us does not remember the children’s riddle about the beauty in a dungeon with a oblique outward. Of course, we all know carrots since childhood. Its polarity is not surprising, […]

Corn: growing and grooming

High yields of corn shows after beans, beets, buckwheat, potatoes. Corn is not recommended to plant after millet – there is a high probability of such a pest as a corn moth. […]

Garlic planting in autumn

Garlic is used by man since ancient times. He was valued for his medicinal properties, spicy aroma, tart taste, unpretentiousness in care. There was a time that garlic was considered a very […]

Chinese cabbage leaves

Chinese cabbage, like any variety, has its own distinctive features. It has delicate leaves with juicy delicate petioles and wrinkled plate up to 35 cm high. There are varieties that form cabbage […]

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