Variety of tomatoes “Persimmon”

Variety of tomatoes “Persimmon”

Variety of tomatoes Persimmon

Basic information

This variety was bred by our domestic amateurs – truck farmers. Tomatoes of the variety “Khurma” refer to medium-early and highly productive selection varieties. From the time of seedling shoots to the appearance of fruits of this class, it is necessary that at least 115-125 days have elapsed. Fruiting starts around the end of July. Recommended for growing in greenhouse conditions, but also on the open ground gives a good harvest.

Plants of this variety are powerful, with abundant foliage. The foliage itself is large, light green in color. Inflorescence type is simple. Relate to medium-sized varieties, grow from 70 to 100 cm, but when grown in greenhouses can reach and a half meters.

Fruits are round, slightly flattened, large enough, their mass can reach 300, and even 500g, but on average ranges from 100 to 150g. They have a bright green spot in the area of the peduncle, which disappears when the fruit ripens completely. Mature tomatoes are golden-orange or bright yellow, and as the name suggests, they resemble persimmon.

The pulp of these tomatoes is fleshy, also orange, very sweet, and practically has no seeds, which is very nice when eaten raw. They have a high yield. With proper care, one bush of these tomatoes can bring in 2 to 4kg of fruit.

The tomatoes themselves are very useful, have dietary properties, due to the fact that they have a high content of carotene and a low content of organic acids. To get all the useful properties in the maximum volume, you should use this kind of tomato in raw form or in the form of a useful juice made from them. But when preserving and preparing salads and ketchups, they give a good taste and aroma. The skin of the fruit is tough enough, but due to this, they are well preserved during transportation, and can lie in a torn state for a long time.


Seed sowing is started in March or early April. Germination is usually high, more than 90%. Sow the seeds better in a slightly compacted earth, and sprinkle well with peat or other fertile soil, over the entire surface layer of 10mm.

Surface is better covered with a film and kept in a bright and warm place. For good growth, seedlings should be watered at room temperature, with a watering can with a strainer. After the appearance of the first two leaves, the plant is dived. Seedlings must be seasoned before planting. For this, two weeks before transplanting into an open ground or a greenhouse, the seedlings are placed in a room with a temperature of 15-17.

Seasoned seedlings are planted at the end of May under a film or with a greenhouse, and in open ground in early June to avoid frost. The seedling age by this time should be at least 55-65 days. The bushes are compact enough, therefore on one square meter it is possible to have up to 3-4 plants, according to the scheme about 50 to 40 cm. The resistance to various diseases is average, and with good care and bait fertilizers develops well and fructifies.

They need a garter, although they have an average height, but in order for tomatoes to stay on the ground, it is better to tie them up after all. Regular watering under the root is mandatory, weeding and loosening the soil too. For all these procedures, tomatoes react very well, and begin to grow more intensively and bear fruit.

And of course the yield from this only increases and can reach 10kg from one meter square.

Variety of tomatoes Persimmon

Fructifies a long time, but still ripens well in a torn form, while remaining as tasty and useful. Thanks to this, they can please you with fresh fruits in late autumn or even in winter.

Variety of tomatoes “Persimmon”