Variety of tomatoes “Miracle of the market”

Variety of tomatoes “Miracle of the market”

Variety of tomatoes Miracle of the market

Many will agree that there is no vegetable in the world more popular than tomato. Even it seems ridiculous, that more recently, tomatoes were grown only on flowerbeds, like flowers, and considered them poisonous… Now it’s not a secret for anyone that tomatoes, thanks to not only taste, but also a set of vitamins in them, the most necessary vegetables on our table

They are very useful for people with excessive weight, suffering from vascular diseases… Because tomatoes necessarily grow in cottages, in kitchen gardens, in greenhouses and hotbeds. And there are so many varieties of tomatoes today that sometimes you get lost, what grade to choose for planting in the country or in the garden. For a closed ground, in greenhouses, you can try the Miracle Market sort. This is a mid-late variety of tomatoes. The rate of maturation of the first fruits from the moment of seed emergence is 116-120 days. Height of plant bushes is more than 150 cm

Therefore, all plants need a binding garter. The variety is semi-determinant. They have a rather long fruiting period. The marvel of the market is also resistant to many diseases of tomato plants, including phytophthora. This variety grows best on soils, where vegetables such as cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, cauliflower, parsley, dill, beans grew in the previous season. Shrubs form usually in 1-2 stems

Density of landing on 1кв. m on 7-9 plants, which makes it possible to obtain a larger yield from 1Q. m. The main care for plants: regular watering, weeding, loosening, periodic fertilizing with nitrogen fertilizers. The fruits are large in size, reach a mass of 200-350, round in shape, slightly flattened. The color of the fruit is red, in the period of immaturity they have a dark green spot near the stalk. To taste a little bit with sourish

Consistency of the internal mass of the fruit: fleshy, but juicy. Seeds inside have little. Fruits can preserve the presentation and taste for a long time, probably, therefore, and named the Miracle Market. Tomatoes of this sort are suitable both in fresh form for salads, and for cooking different meat and fish dishes. They are good for preparing stuffed tomatoes, as well as for pickling, preserving and pickling

For canning are suitable tomatoes in different stages of maturity – completely mature, red (but not overripe), brown, pink, green. By the way, tomatoes of the Market Miracle brand are considered the best for salting and canning tomatoes. Delicious turns from them and juice.

Variety of tomatoes “Miracle of the market”