Variety of tomatoes “Kirzhach”

Variety of tomatoes “Kirzhach”

Basic information

Wonderful tomatoes of the hybrid variety “Kirzhach”. Very tasty and beautiful, look like ordinary tomatoes from the picture. The fruits are large, round, smooth with a glossy, appetizingly shiny surface.

Variety of tomatoes Kirzhach

Fruit is tied very well, almost in any conditions, with protected soil. The plant has a high growth, abundant foliage and a closed habit. The leaves are large, weakly divided, drooping. The first inflorescences begin to form after the appearance of 9-11 leaves, and then it is located with an interval of three sheets. Inflorescences simple, short and sessile, form about 4-6 fruits.

Ripen fruit after 10-115 days, counting from sprouting. The average weight of fruits is 150 g, but can reach up to 300 g. The fruits themselves are large, round, slightly flattened. They have 5, and sometimes seven cameras. Unripe fruits of light green color at the stalk have dark spots, but after ripening they disappear, and the fruits are painted bright red with a brilliant shine. This hybrid is characterized by high productivity.

The harvest of this variety is basically 15 kg from one square meter, but can reach as high as 35 kg. Fruits are great for both raw and fresh salads. And thanks to its neat form, tomatoes can be easily salted. And they are juicy enough to make tomato paste.

Tomato variety “Kirzhach” is included in the State Register of the Russian Federation for the third zone and is intended for germination of extended turns in small-volume crops. It can be grown both in the open ground and in greenhouse conditions.

He fell in love with consumers for a pleasant taste and beautiful appearance, as well as unpretentiousness, suitability for low-volume technologies, high and high-quality yields and good resistance to the apex rot of the fetus.


Refers to medium-ripening varieties, ideal for places with a rainy and slightly sunny climate. Seed is sown in late February or early March. If you sow earlier, then the bushes will grow well, and the fruit will be small. Rise fast enough and amicably.

Dive twice, at the first appearance of these sheets and more, when the seedling will become noticeably stretched. This is done to improve the root system and the best formation of the bush. Before planting, the seedlings must be hardened. To do this, in late April or early May, depending on the weather, you need to put pots with seedlings in the greenhouse, preferably first cover with special material for the night, or bring overnight at home, not to freeze the sprouts.

The landing is already at the end of May, with good warm weather and warmed-up land. The wells can be pretreated with hot water and a solution with manganese. After all the preparations, carefully remove the seedlings from the pots together with a small amount of earth and carefully, trying not to damage the root system, plant them in prepared holes. “Kirzhach” is rather unpretentious variety. It, of course, must be regularly watered, preferably under the root, in order to save the leaves from burns, which they can get after watering in case of sunlight.

Steaming and loosening the earth, too, periodically need. And for this variety, as for all tall varieties, it is important to remove the stepchildren, as well as the formation of a bush in one stem. You can sometimes leave and two stems, but this reduces the size of the fruit. Fruiting “Kirzhach” until the fall and all September. And after a long time can be stored in the house, does not deteriorate and does not rot.

Variety of tomatoes Kirzhach

Many once tried tomatoes “Kirzhach” continue to use this variety and more. After all, it is unpretentious and very grateful variety.

Variety of tomatoes “Kirzhach”