Variety of strawberry “Zephyr”

Variety of strawberry “Zephyr”

Probably, every summer resident has at least a small garden with strawberry strawberries, which in everyday life are used to call strawberries. After all, this is the very first berry that ripens on the site and pleases the owners with its aroma and rich taste.

There are many varieties of garden strawberries. One of them is the variety Zephyr. This berry was obtained by the efforts of Danish gardeners. Among the merits of this species is its early maturation. In addition, Zephyr begins to bear fruit already in the first year of planting. The variety tolerates drought well and is immune to most diseases. Zephyr has a tall bush and abundant flowering.

Variety of strawberry Zephyr


Strawberries give very large berries, painted in a bright scarlet color. The fruit has a rounded shape with ribs, while the edges are clearly expressed. The void inside is not observed. One berry can have a weight of 40 to 60 grams. The surface of the fruit to the touch is very smooth, but looks shiny. Over time, the berry does not melt. On the bush, the fruit does not bow to the ground.

Zephyr is distinguished by high yield. From one bush you can collect up to 1 kilogram of harvest per season, if you follow all the recommendations for caring for the plant. In this case, the berry perfectly tolerates transportation. Therefore, this variety of strawberries is grown for commercial purposes.

Berries have excellent taste characteristics. In addition, the fruit has a pleasant aroma and strong unusual flavor, tender and sweet.

Zephyr is suitable for eating fresh. Also, the berry does not lose its quality when frozen. Fruits do not lend themselves to gray rot.


If you plan to use the variety Marshmallow for commercial purposes. It is best to grow this species in greenhouses. Such a method will contribute to the early harvest. Fruits will ripen 2 months earlier.

Before you plant a strawberry in a greenhouse, the soil must be fertilized. To do this, it is best to apply humus and the necessary amount of peat. These actions are performed one year before planting. Before planting seedlings in a greenhouse, mineral fertilizers can be used. Plants must be planted in the middle of autumn or in October, using a grid of 25×30 cm.

To get a harvest faster, it is recommended to use artificial lighting. It should be switched on for 8-10 hours a day. If this is not done, the garden strawberries will ripen only by April.

Variety of strawberry Zephyr

On open soils, Zephyr feels fine in the penumbra. The bush is not very whimsical. You can propagate a plant with the help of a mustache or by dividing an adult bush into parts.

Plant seedlings in the ground in April or August. Between the rows it is best to leave a distance of 60 centimeters, and between the bushes the distance should be 45 centimeters. The soil is fertilized with peat and humus. Once the strawberries are planted it must be watered. After 3 months, a large bush is formed in the plant. In order that the berries had a more intense aroma around the bush, you can sprinkle with pine needles.


If strawberries grow in the greenhouse then after the bushes begin to bloom the room should be ventilated. This will help to avoid various plant diseases. From this moment it is recommended that the air temperature be raised gradually, otherwise the flowering will be very long. When watering, you must be extremely careful, so that water does not fall on the flowers and berries.

Twice a month the plant can be fed. To do this, superphosphate, potassium salt and ammonium nitrate are mixed in a bucket of water.

Variety of strawberry Zephyr

The yield is also affected by moisture in the premises of the greenhouse. During the planting of seedlings, it must be at least 80-85%. But with the beginning of flowering, it is reduced to 70%.

Variety of strawberry “Zephyr”