Variety of strawberry “Zenga Zengana”

Variety of strawberry “Zenga Zengana”

Variety of strawberry Zenga Zengana

The variety of strawberry Zenga Zengana has an interesting history of origin. He was bred by the famous German doctor R. Von Zengbusch in 1953. Initially in 1942, the breeders faced the problem of how to bring out a strawberry variety that would be suitable for deep freezing. Work in this direction was carried out for 11 years, and the result was positive. The strongest seedlings were selected from which the breeding of a new strawberry variety, which meets the requirements of freezing

Strawberry Zenga Zengana Zeng Zengan’s variety has a high endurance and adaptability to unfavorable living conditions. The bush of wild strawberry grows high, with thick leaves of dark green color. The berries are more medium-sized, dark red, sweet and sour with a pleasant smell. The flesh of the berries is juicy, dense. The strawberry ripens unevenly, in one bush there can be both ripe and unripe fruits. Productivity is very high

Strawberry Zeng Zengan is not susceptible to powdery mildew, mites and nematodes, but often suffers from gray rot. Infection occurs because the peduncles of the bush are very weak and the berry rests on the ground when ripe. Strawberries are good transporters

Care for strawberries Zeng Zengan variety To strawberries well fructified, you need to follow the following recommendations: 1. From the first days of planting, it is necessary to use mineral fertilizers for soil

2. During the whole growth, you need to make additional fertilizing. The first time this is done in the spring with the help of complex fertilizers. The next saturation of the soil should occur when the peduncles appear. The third time strawberries are fed during flowering. In late August, also do not forget about recharge, but do not apply fertilizers with nitrogen, so that the plant does not stretch, and put all the strength into berries

3. The site on which the strawberry is planted, it is necessary to loosen, thus weeds are destroyed

4. One should remember about watering, especially in dry weather. But you can not often water the plant during fruiting, as bushes can die. Watering at this time should be made not more often than 1 time a week

5. As the berries of this variety grow low to the ground, it is necessary to lay straw under the bushes so that there is no direct contact with the soil. This will prevent the defeat of gray rot

6. That the plant is not frozen, it is better to cover for the winter period.

Variety of strawberry “Zenga Zengana”