Variety of strawberries “Festival”

Variety of strawberries “Festival”

This variety was bred as far back as 1950, but it is enjoyed by gardeners today. This is all due to the fact that the strawberry “Festival” has many positive qualities

Variety description

Variety of strawberries Festival

“Festival” strawberry ripens in the middle of summer. The bush is tall and spreads the leaves to the sides. The berries have grooves and are slightly flattened. Color have a bright red, even inside. At the first harvesting the berries reach 45 grams, and then about 10-25 grams. During transportation, both form and taste are preserved. For rolling up jam and compotes is also well suited

This strawberry variety is very fruitful and does not fear frosts. In addition, it can be planted anywhere: whether it’s the sunny or shady side. And the climate does not play any role. But the strawberry can attack gray mold or powdery mildew. To these diseases it is susceptible

Specificity of growing strawberries Plant strawberries in the spring early and in autumn. This is to ensure that the soil is moist. It is good to disembark after the rain, the size of the roots should be about nine centimeters

Variety of strawberries Festival

If you are going to get a new seedling, then divide the bushes into those that bear fruit, and necessary for breeding

At the first it is necessary to remove tendrils regularly, and at others to break out the flowers that have appeared. This will help you to harvest a good harvest next year. Loosen the soil under the strawberries more often, it will help to avoid many diseases. Also, the place of cultivation of strawberries should be changed more often

Seedlings can be harvested in the last days of autumn, they are stored in a dark place. When spring comes, in the first warm days they are planted. The main thing is not to miss this period, otherwise you will have to wait until early autumn

In summer, strawberries are not planted, because the soil is dry. The earth is usually covered with a crust after planting the berry bushes. It must be loosened and sprinkled with humus or dry soil, such as sand

Selection of bushes before planting You can not just take and plant bushes. First, you must select the appropriate ones, the root system should be large

The root itself is about six millimeters in diameter. When planting seedlings, the root should be held vertically, the entire root system aligned with the soil

Rooting the bushes will be better if the soil is well fertilized, and the place for planting is selected by the solar

Caring for strawberries In the spring after the snow falls, the beds are cleaned from the dried ground, loosen the soil around. During the summer weeding, loosening the soil and cutting off unnecessary mustaches. Watering the bushes is necessary regularly, but do not overdo it, it is impossible that there is waterlogging. When there is little rain, water the strawberries after ten days, and when forming fruits more often

Watering is done with a watering can and under the root. Here is a good approach to drip irrigation

By the winter bushes should be prepared, even if the bushes are frost-resistant. If there is a lot of snow, then wintering strawberries will be fine, but with small snow there will be problems. Therefore, late autumn, bushes should be covered with lapnik

When the bushes become old, they are removed, but in this place they do not again plant strawberries. It is better to give a rest to the earth, having planted on it mustard or oats, rye. They will saturate the soil with new nutrients. Sometimes gardeners after the whole harvest of berries, just chop the whole foliage

After a while new sprigs grow. It helps to cope with various diseases. But in cold regions it is better not to do such experiments. Otherwise, strawberries simply do not prepare for the winter, do not have time

If you do everything correctly, you will always collect a good harvest from your beds.

Variety of strawberries “Festival”