Variety of strawberries “Asia”

Variety of strawberries “Asia”

Characteristic of the variety

Variety of strawberries Asia

Strawberry Asia was bred by Italian breeders and already in 2005 began to spread rapidly. This variety well resists many diseases of the root system, and also rarely suffers from powdery mildew and anthracis. You can grow strawberries in the open ground and in a greenhouse, a greenhouse. You can make seedlings of strawberry seedlings in bags with peat. Can be planted in the continental climate

Strawberries have a weight of about thirty grams. Their shape is similar to an elongated cone, the color is a bright red slightly glossy coating. Also, berries are characterized by one-dimensionality. The flesh is also red, it tastes very sweet, there is no emptiness inside. And the aroma is more like a strawberry. It is easy to peel off the fruit from the stem. Since the density of strawberries is average, it can be transported over long distances

It can also be stored for a long time if the temperature is not too high. The presentation is strawberry presentable, so it is classified as industrial varieties. After all, not everyone grows strawberries, many people buy it in stores or in markets for further use

According to the ripening of the strawberry, Asia refers to medium-ripening varieties. Therefore, its peculiarity is that the plant is fruitful for a long time, and its yield is also of an average level. From one bush gardeners gather a kilogram or slightly more berries

This strawberry variety is a versatile species. Because it can be eaten fresh, frozen in a freezer. And also must be preserved for the winter period. Because I want to treat myself to something delicious. A jam or jam with confiture of strawberries are very tasty

The bushes are tall and big. The leaves are wide, but not so many. Whiskers are thick, but there are also a few. The leaves are slightly wrinkled, but they shine in the sun with a bright green color. Shoots with peduncles are tall, thick and have many

Resistance to frost and drought in the strawberry Asia have an average. In addition, many diseases pass by this variety. For example, the root system is strong, not prone to fungal diseases. But only chlorosis or powdery mildew with anthracis can attack the plant.

Growing and caring for a plant

The most successful method of propagation of Asian variety is the transplantation of sockets of young. As mentioned above, a strawberry has a bit of a mustache. But new rosettes are formed quickly and in large quantities

To care for such a plant, some adherence to special rules will be necessary. In winter, the plant tolerates frosts well. But when the snow cover is small, it will be necessary to cover the bushes better so that they do not freeze. To water strawberries is necessary constantly. For this purpose, irrigation by a drop method

You can plant young rosettes in a greenhouse, also in packages or directly in open ground. It is better in the early autumn, even in August, but it is possible and in the spring, but only early

Variety of strawberries Asia

The positive qualities of strawberry Asia:

    The taste is excellent. The yield is excellent, albeit of an average level. The shape of the fruit attracts. Strawberry well resists spotting.

Dacha and gardeners often plant on their plots a strawberry variety Asia. Everyone likes the fact that the yield throughout the season is the same, does not decrease with time

The berries are delicious and have an even average shape. This gives it a marketable appearance, because many summer residents not only engage in harvesting, but also try to get a good profit for it. In addition, this variety adapts well in different climatic conditions

But there are times when the plant changes the level of self-fertilization and this is not very popular with gardeners. As the yield level decreases.

Variety of strawberries “Asia”