Variety of strawberries “Alba” (Albion)

Variety of strawberries “Alba” (Albion)

Variety description

This strawberry variety was bred in Italy by a company that performs work on the selection of this berry. In Russia, Alba appeared in the mid-2000s. At this time, it was often sold at retail outlets.

Strawberry has the form of cone-shaped berries. But sometimes it is considered to be similar to a spindle, because it has a narrowing to the peduncle. Yes, and the shape of the berry is elongated bright red color.

Variety of strawberries Alba (Albion)

One strawberry of this variety weighs about thirty grams. And the weight of berries Albi does not become less even when the fruiting period comes to an end. It turns out that gardeners during the entire period of ripening strawberries of this kind, have a crop of the same volume. And many varieties, on the contrary, become smaller.

To the merits of strawberry Albi can also be attributed to its taste. The berries of this variety are very fragrant, sweet and juicy. A small highlight is that you feel a little sour, which makes the taste of berries even more attractive.

The crop from the bed can be assembled quite well. Since one bush gives about one and a half kilograms of berries. It’s about two or three kilograms from a site equal to one square meter. Of course, the data can fluctuate, it depends on how the gardeners grow the plant, what techniques agricultural technology uses, what climate and weather in the area and much more.

The positive qualities of strawberry varieties Albi

A little you can stay on the other advantages of the plant. If you take the characteristics of common strawberries, then you can describe it in general. The bush reaches a height of thirty-five centimeters. The leaves are large and wide. But they are few. The whiskers on this plant appear quickly and well.

The leaves of the plant do not interfere during flowering, since the peduncles are not closed by them and they get enough light and heat. And it is more convenient to pick berries when they can be seen immediately, and not searched through the bush.

Variety of strawberries Alba (Albion)

The period of flowering and ripening of berries does not differ much. In the middle of May, you can harvest strawberries in your garden. Therefore, the plant of this variety has two more positive qualities:

    Unlike other varieties of strawberries, Albi gives an early harvest. Spring morning frosts to plant colors are not terrible, because the strawberry starts to bloom already after them. Therefore, the late flowering period is of great service to truck farmers. After all, they will be able to harvest a rich harvest of berries, not being afraid that frost can spoil everything.

The Albi variety is suitable for growth and in the open ground, when its quality is very important as resistance to frost, and in hotbeds, greenhouses.

Many diseases avoid the strawberry side of this variety. Because she is not bad at them. But the pests: weevils and aphids can harm the plant. They bite the roots of the strawberry bushes and destroy the leaves. Therefore, the plant should be monitored regularly to take the necessary protective measures in time.

To the pluses of the strawberry variety Albi can be attributed yet that she does not need special care. But it’s necessary to water a lot and often. This has a good effect on the yield of berries. Strawberry of this variety can be transported for long distances, as berries have a dense consistency and do not crumple on the road.

At home, it is suitable for any processing. From it you can make any jam, jam, twist compotes, which in winter will be on your table very handy.

Variety of strawberries Alba (Albion)

The strawberry Albi has many advantages: early harvesting, the shape of the berries is almost the same, good taste, long enough to keep it fresh, almost never sick plant. Therefore, many summer residents and truck farmers are increasingly planting in their plots this particular variety.

Variety of strawberries “Alba” (Albion)