Variety of raspberry “Hussar”

Variety of raspberry “Hussar”

Variety of raspberry Hussar

Raspberry variety “Gusar” was bred not so long ago in 1995. The main advantages of this variety are high yield and endurance. Today the variety has proved fruitful in almost all regions of Russia. Raspberry is unpretentious and does not require special care. The yield is good even with minimal maintenance. Bushes withstand frost, do not require shelter for the winter period

In the southern regions, of course, raspberries are more comfortable, but lowering the temperature to -40 deg is not an obstacle to obtaining juicy and tasty berries. The plant is resistant to both drought and heat, which makes the variety universal. This allows you to plant bushes in an open area, the plant does not need a shadow

Raspberry shoots are flexible and strong, these characteristics allow the plant to transfer the wind, they bend, but do not break. Tie the stems of bushes is not necessary, they do not slope close to the ground, and berries are always clean. Stems can reach heights up to 3 m, under favorable conditions and care of the plant. Raspberry berries are large, sometimes the mass of one berry can reach 14 grams

With an increased yield, berries may melt. Surprisingly, one bush can bring up to 17 kg of delicious raspberries. The shape of the fruit is rounded, narrowed to the outside of the berry. Mature raspberries can be easily collected, it is easily separated from the petiole

Unlike other varieties, these berries do not have a sugary sweet taste, they have a bright, sour taste. This does not spoil the taste of the harvest, but gives the berry the originality and makes it suitable for making compotes and jam with fresh taste. This taste is due to the high content of vitamin C

Bushes are sparse, it is convenient to harvest. All useful substances are transformed into fruits, the stems are rather meager. The plant is resistant to various diseases, so the variety is so popular among gardeners

For the cultivation of raspberries unfavorable are acidic soils. It is better to choose a primer of neutral chemical composition. Many varieties of raspberries grow well in the shade, but this raspberry loves sunlight, so it’s better to plant bushes in open areas

It is recommended to choose a place for a plant under a low fence or a dense hedge, the raspberry of this variety does not like drafts and wind. To avoid the disease of bushes, it is better not to choose a site where an unhealthy plant grew. Bacteria remain in the ground for a long time, the infection can also be transmitted after strawberries, potatoes, carrots and aubergines

The site for planting should be prepared in a few weeks, the ground must be dug in depth by 25-30 cm and make trenches or holes. It all depends on which way to grow raspberries is chosen. When planting bushes in a trench, the soil must be filled with organic fertilizers and moistened. You can plant raspberry by handicraft

For this purpose, groups of bushes are planted at a distance of not less than 1.5 m. Thus, care for raspberries is facilitated and harvesting is simplified. To grow strong stems you need to make fertilizer. The main thing is not to pour the fertilizer onto the root system directly, it is necessary to sprinkle the roots with earth, such contact can lead to the death of the plant, it can simply burn

Variety of raspberry Hussar

The root system of the plant is underdeveloped, it is necessary to provide favorable conditions for better growth. The soil must be loose under the root system for good growth. Garter is not necessary, but for convenience of harvesting it is better that the bush has a support

Shrubs must be cut before and after the winter period and in the autumn, after fruiting. It is better to remove excess shoots, so that the bush becomes more magnificent. With proper pruning, the berries will not be tiny. The plant grows fast and strong pruning will not be harmful.

Variety of raspberry “Hussar”