Variety of potatoes “Gala”

Variety of potatoes “Gala”

Variety of potatoes Gala

Every gardener-gardener dreams that all the crops planted on the site, delivered as little as possible trouble. That is, they quickly grew, less hurt, staunchly endured all the negative weather conditions and as a result gave a high and high yield

Among varieties of potatoes there is such a kind as “Gala”. It was bred by breeders especially for summer residents. He delivers a minimum of trouble and gives an excellent harvest

Characteristics of the variety “Gala” This type of potato belongs to the early maturing. The first harvest of young potatoes you can collect in 2.5 months after planting. “Gala” shows such maturation in the middle zone of Russia, in the southern regions it is possible to get the harvest even earlier

The variety perfectly copes with severe weather conditions, which in recent years have become quite frequent. It is a question of droughts, temperature changes, absence of the sun

Potato “Gala” description:

Variety of potatoes Gala

    The bush is of medium size. The leaves on it are large, with a slight wavy texture on the surface, a bright green color; the root crop is white, the pale yellow skin, little eyes on the surface; potato sizes are small; root crops are oval; the average potato size is about 130 grams, the surface is smooth and smooth, very comfortable and easy to clean; during the heat treatment, the variety does not lose its palatability, does not change color; tubers contain a small amount of starch. Therefore, the variety “Gala” is especially liked by people who prefer healthy food; so that the potatoes lie well in storage, the tops should be mowed in two weeks before harvesting; “Gala” is a high-yield potato. On one bush, up to 25 fruits can ripen. What makes potatoes of this kind a dream of all truck farmers of the country.

Potato “Gala” and disease As mentioned above, this variety is not very susceptible to diseases. But still there is a disease before which the “Gala” does not stop. The name of the disease is rhizoctonia. The first signs usually appear on the stem, more precisely, on its lower part. Rizoctonia is a fungus

Therefore, the main task in growing the potato “Gala” for gardening should be to prevent the disease. It is not difficult to do this nowadays, as there are many drugs on sale. They are harmless to humans and harmful to the fungus. The means are used as prevention

It is also worth noting that the variety can very rarely be affected by late blight. As a rule, the disease harms the aerial parts, without affecting the root crops

“Gala” well tolerates scab attacks. Therefore, we can say with confidence that this variety has a high competitiveness in the country’s vegetable market. Its resistance to most diseases is very high

Pros for planting grapes “Gala” for summer residents

Variety of potatoes Gala

Excellent potatoes for those who do not want to spend summer days on the beds. After all, “Gala” has a lot of advantages:

    Early maturity allows the vegetable grower to rejoice in the harvest, before the neighbors; potatoes of this kind – a find for people suffering from back pain, since it practically does not need to be processed; gives an excellent crop on any soils; perfectly kept all winter; Landing can at any time, regardless of spring weather.

Planting potatoes “Gala” The variety grows well on all types of soil even without application of fertilizers before planting. Plant tubers at a distance of about 70-80 cm from each other. As a seed, use a small diameter potato. 4-5 days before planting the tubers need to be put in the sun

After the harvest is harvested, rye can be planted on the plot. It will be an excellent predecessor for the next season for planting potatoes.

Variety of potatoes “Gala”