Variety of potatoes “Bellarosa”

Variety of potatoes “Bellarosa”

Variety of potatoes Bellarosa

Without exaggeration, we can say that the potato is the most frequent guest in our plates. Each hostess knows dozens of recipes from this root vegetable. But even the most experienced gardener do not know the same variety of varieties.

Bellarosa – a new variety, which has already become popular with those who regularly and knowingly is engaged in planting this vegetable. And those who have not yet had time to get acquainted with this variety, have the opportunity right now to correct this omission.

What is Bellarosa?

In addition to its basic qualities (yield, taste), Bellarosa is particularly decorative. The bushes have a very pleasant, healthy appearance. Large leaves, strong shoots that reach 75 cm, juicy, green coloring – all this pleases the eye.

During flowering bushes are covered with inflorescences of red-violet color.

An interesting point – often happens so that this variety does not bloom. This, it would seem, is not at all good, because the absence of flowers is an indicator of the incomplete development of the plant, the disease, without flowering and the harvest will not ripen. Such experiences are in vain.

The absence of inflorescences is one of the characteristics of this variety, and it is simply explained – the potato is so active, early and harmoniously develops, that the maturation of the inflorescences does not always suffice. And if flowers appear, then at temperatures above 22 degrees, they can fall off.

However, this is almost not reflected in the quality and quantity of potatoes.

Under each bush ripen from 7 to 10 tubers.

One bush gives 7-10 almost identical large tubers.

Tubers have a color from dark red, to light pink shades. Each root is round in shape and weighs from 100 to 210 grams. There are record holders and up to 800 gr.

Peel slightly rough, small eyes.

At a cut the flesh of a fruit of yellow color or cream is visible.

Characteristic of the variety

This variety is considered very early. From the time of planting to full aging, it can last 60 days. Therefore, in regions with a warm climate, two crops from this variety are harvested.

The variety is not only very early, but also abundant, and also very reliable because of its unpretentiousness. Bellarosa painlessly tolerates arid summer, it is not demanding for watering and soil composition. And this is important when planting in large areas.

Despite such resistance to unfavorable conditions, this variety retains the best taste qualities of root crops. When cooking, the potato does not dissolve in water, has a medium friability, not watery at all.

A variety of resistance to diseases is very valuable. Bellarosa, in fact, does not suffer from late blight, cancer, is not covered by rot, is not afraid of nematodes, scab and black leg. Tubers are healthy, without intestinal blemishes and blemishes, and persist in this form throughout the entire storage period.

Early varieties poorly cure time from harvest to the next harvest, but Bellarose easily succeeds. This can be explained by the fact that potatoes have excellent health and resistance to damage.


Variety of potatoes Bellarosa

Of course, this variety has many valuable qualities for the gardener. However, in order to maximize these advantages, we need to take care of the plant.

Loose is of great importance for the variety. This is the cutting of weeds, and the saturation of the soil with oxygen. After rains, as a rule, the soil dries up and becomes a strong crust, through which oxygen can not penetrate into the soil.

Bellarosa does not require frequent and abundant watering, it may well suffice for the moisture that comes with the rain, but for a generous harvest, it needs fertilizing. To do this, during the landing directly into the holes, all the necessary fertilizers are covered. Especially in this requires planting material, which is planted in sandy and sandy loamy soils.

Variety of potatoes “Bellarosa”