Variety of peppers “Californian miracle”

Variety of peppers “Californian miracle”

Bulgarian pepper has long been growing on their sites amateur gardeners. Since it has many different vitamins, microelements. And the Californian miracle has also an excellent taste. It is really sweet, it has a lot of vitamin C

Variety of peppers Californian miracle

The color of the fruit is pink, the size of the pepper is large and the walls are fleshy

Seeds in this variety have excellent germination, so they can be planted in the ground and in greenhouses. The bush of an adult vegetable can grow to a height of one meter. Stems are thick and powerful, so they do not tie. One bush gives about fifteen peppers. The main thing is to water and feed them

Growing pepper of this variety in the central zone of Russia and in the north-western region. But in order to get a harvest, first in February or March grow seedlings in greenhouses or in a room. And then in May planted in the ground. After all, before harvesting four months the plant should be grown

On average, from one square meter, you can collect ten kilograms of peppers. Even if you pour this type of pepper impermanently, the harvest will still be high. Since the Californian miracle is considered resistant to drought. Even in a greenhouse, where lighting is not very good, you can grow an excellent pepper

Pepper has one more feature: it resists many diseases, even to werewolf fading. Just so without a reason, the California miracle does not turn yellow and wilt. Of course, peppers can be harvested before the maturation period, but the seeds that are harvested from these green peppers will not give good seedlings. Therefore, for planting seeds must be collected already from a ripe vegetable

Formation of pepper After transplanting the seedlings into the ground, allow it to gain a little foothold, and then it is necessary to pinch the top off the main stem. This will make it possible to grow lateral branches, and the bush will be compact

Then there is still pasynkovanie. On the bush leave five shoots at the top, and the others are removed. This event must be carried out necessarily, especially when the summer is rainy and hot

Cultivation of pepper For the California miracle, a temperature regime is necessary. It should be within + 20 … + 25 degrees. And if the temperature is about thirteen degrees, then the plant should already be sheltered. If the stem becomes blue in the pepper, then the temperature is not quite suitable

Pour the pepper better water rain or settled. The water must be warm. Pepper is poured in different stages of growth according to the following scheme:

    Before the formation of flowers once a week, in the heat twice. A square meter requires twelve liters of water. During flowering and when fruits appear, watering becomes more frequent two or three times a week. Fourteen liters of water per square meter.

Variety of peppers Californian miracle

Since the roots of the pepper are close to the surface, loosen the soil around with caution, so as not to damage the root system. It is necessary to hack and weed up to five centimeters deep

Small Tips for Growing Bulgarian Peppers When planting peppers, the California miracle, try to keep it away from the bitter pepper. Otherwise, pollination will occur, and the sweet pepper will turn into bitter

Manure gives fast growth to bushes and branches, and this will reduce the yield. Therefore, it must be applied to other cultures. Next to peppers, you can plant basil, marigold, coriander

They will help protect plants from aphids and from the wind. But the beans will be a bad neighbor, since anthracnose can transmit the disease. And on the peppercorns will be formed black specks

The main thing to remember is that the pepper does not like it when it is moved from place to place. Therefore, it is better to keep seedlings in one place.

Variety of peppers “Californian miracle”