Variety of pears “Ljubimitsa Klappa”

Variety of pears “Ljubimitsa Klappa”

The Clump’s favorite was obtained in America. He was taken out with the help of the seeds of the Forest Beauty. It is believed that this is a summer pear variety

Trees are grown on the territory of the Lower Volga region. Also pears are found in the North Caucasus. In addition, this variety is often present in the gardens of Ukraine and Moldova. It is often used for breeding, receiving new species

Variety of pears Ljubimitsa Klappa

Tree Adult pear can reach above average size. The young tree is characterized by rapid growth. As it grows, the plant forms a wide crown of a rounded shape. In this branch of the arrangement is rather rare and slightly hang down. The bark has a gray-brown color. Wood is not particularly strong, but on the contrary it is very fragile

Leaves and fruits can be affected by scab. Favorite Clapp begins to bear fruit as early as the 7th-8th year of life. The tree can yield for 50-70 years. From one plant, you can harvest 250-300 kilograms of fruit per year. Pear annually yields a plentiful harvest

The tree is not very whimsical. Therefore, it can grow in any soil. It is believed that this grade is resistant to low temperatures

Shoots The tree gives straight and thick shoots. They can acquire a purple color or a dark brown hue. On the shoots you can see an abundance of gray-colored lentils. The foliage of the pear is green with a glossy sheen. Their shape is oval-ovate. The tip of the leaf is pointed, and the base is slightly narrowed. Has a long and smooth petiole

The flowering period for the pear passes in the middle of spring. The tree has large white flowers. As a rule, inflorescences are formed on 6-7 pieces. In addition, flowers are not afraid of freezing

The fruits of the Clumpa Petite give fruits of large size. They have an elongated shape resembling an egg. The surface of the pear is smooth and delicate. When ripe, the fetus becomes yellow. From the sunny side there is a bright blush. Under the skin, you can see the sharp specks. Sometimes on the pear appear reddish spots. Peduncle is thick and short. The fruit contains small seeds, painted in a dark brown color

Variety of pears Ljubimitsa Klappa

Favorite Clappa has a tender and juicy pulp. It tastes sweet, sometimes there is a slight sourness. Ripe flesh is usually white. The fruit has a light aroma and high taste properties

As a result of the study, the following substances were found to be contained in this pear variety: – 13.7% are dry substances; – 6.6 milligrams of ascorbic acid account for every 100 grams of product; – 8.3% sugar; – 100 grams of pears contain 39.4 milligrams of P-active catechins; – 0,4% are titrated acids

The weight of one pear can reach 180 to 230 grams. In regions with a warm climate, fruits begin to be sung in late July or early August. In cool places you can harvest in the middle of August. Ripe fruit can be stored for 10-15 days. It is not recommended to pick pears early or when they have already rushed, because their taste is getting worse. Pears firmly hold on the branches, but overripe fruits can crumble. Transportation of Favorite Clappa is not bad

Pears are used for food in kind. In addition, fruits are used for making various preserves and compotes. Also, a good drying from this variety is obtained

Among the merits of the species can be distinguished excellent winter hardiness of trees, unpretentiousness to conditions. Favorite Clappa gives regular harvests. Fruits are of good quality

The disadvantage is too short storage periods for ripe fruits.

Variety of pears “Ljubimitsa Klappa”