Variety of pears “Lada”

Variety of pears “Lada”

Variety of pears Lada

If apples can be found, practically, in any fruit farm, the pears are grown, mainly in warm areas. If a pear comes in, say, in the gardens of Siberia, then it is quite unattractive, its weight is insignificant, and the flavoring qualities leave much to be desired

However, this does not apply to all gardeners. Fans of fruit trees have long known varieties that allow them to harvest the fruits of these fruits, not inferior in quality to their southern counterparts. One of such wonderful varieties is Lada

Lada is a graduate of the Timiryazev Academy, where she was bred in 1993, and since that time she reliably conquered the hearts of gardeners with her best qualities

General view The pear tree of this variety grows up to 10 m., Has a die form, the crown has a medium leafiness. The bark of an adult tree is gray, the young shoots are brown

Interstitials are not long, do not become covered with a fleecy coating

Leaves are green, oval, smooth

Flowers have a white color, collected in a brush of 5-7 buds

Fruits have a weight of up to 120 g. The fruit itself is light yellow, a barrel with a gentle pink color is found. Pulp of cream color. The shape of the fruit is characteristic of this fruit

The skin has hardly noticeable, dark points Characteristics of the variety First of all, Lada is appreciated for its amazing, delicate aroma and unmatched sweet and sour taste

Fruiting occurs very early, it is attributed to early ripening varieties. By the end of the summer you can eat juicy fruits

Variety of pears Lada

Nevertheless, the fruits themselves can not boast of excellent restraint. The longest period at which torn fruits can retain their qualities is 2 months, and then, provided that the fruits will be created the required temperature regime (they need to be stored at a temperature of 0 degrees)

Because of its tender pulp, pears do not tolerate transportation

And yet, these insignificant disadvantages can not cover those positive qualities that this variety possesses

Fruits appear in this variety already in 3 4 years after oculization, and this, in comparison with other varieties, very fast terms

Lada is self-fertilized only in part, for full fruiting it needs pear-pollinators. For this role is perfect for Skorospelka, Severyanka, Otradnenskaya

If you plant a few pears, then from one tree of Lada you can collect up to 50 kg of fruit. And this type of fruit yields annually

Perfectly tolerates frosty winters and is resistant to any, the most unpleasant manifestations of weather

Increased disease resistance

Miraculously adapts to any climate conditions, so it is planted, practically, throughout Russia

It is not demanding on the soil, although it is preferable to provide a pear tree, nevertheless, the soil is fertile, and if there are no such possibilities, poor soils are systematically well fertilized

On a sandy soil or poor soil, a generous harvest will be very difficult to wait

Care for Lada No special care Lada does not require. Like other pear varieties, Lada needs:

    watering – if the ground is not sufficiently impregnated with spring water or rains, the plant must certainly be shed before the flowering (and also during the formation and ripening of the fruit). If the young plant is young, it is watered with the calculation of 5-6 buckets per plant, on a mature tree there are three buckets per meter of the total area occupied by the roots. However, if the earth is saturated with moisture, irrigation can damage – the roots will rot; mulching – it will not allow the soil to dry up; fertilization – organic fertilizer is fertilized every three years, and mineral fertilizing is carried out every year; pruning – not only forms the crown, but also rejuvenates the entire plant; extermination of harmful insects.

Variety of pears “Lada”