Variety of pears “Cure”

Variety of pears “Cure”

Variety of pears Cure

Pear is one of the most ancient fruit trees. Varieties of pears are a great many, one of them is the variety Cure or another name Williams winter

The emergence of the variety Cure The first variety Cure was found in the thick of the forest in France. He was found by the cure Leroy. He began to distribute this species, and now this variety of pears is known not only in France

Characteristics of pear variety Cure Trees grow medium in size, with a dense crown. They have a high life expectancy. The pear fruits grow medium and large sizes of elongated form in weight from 100 to 300 g. The rind is dense, when ripe it acquires a light yellow color, sometimes with a pink sideways

The pulp is juicy, with an acid-sweet, slightly tart taste, the aroma is not pronounced. The taste of the Cure pear improves during storage. But the collected fruits should not be kept for long, as they quickly darken and deteriorate. Optimum storage time from 1 to 2 months. Transportation of this variety is well tolerated

Fruits ripen in September-October. Fruiting begins in 3-4 years of life. The great advantage of this tree is its excellent yield and frost resistance. But the pear is susceptible to scab

Fruits are best consumed in fresh form, they are not suitable for preserving and compotes, since they have an indistinct taste

Care for the pear Pear Cure is not demanding on the conditions of existence. In the case of freezing, the tree is quickly restored

Young trees need more careful care so that the roots do not die in winter, they need to be insulated. For this purpose, film or straw is used, at the extreme, it is possible to fill the bottom of the tree with snow

Like any plant, the pear needs watering and good soil fertilization. For fertilizing use mineral or complex fertilizers. In summer, in dry weather, it is better to water the tree more often, without completely drying the soil. In addition, the ground must be loosened to destroy the weeds and enrich the soil with oxygen

It is very important for the pear to prune, it improves the quality of the fruit, the appearance and gives strength to new growth. It is necessary to trim the inner and outer branches, thereby stimulating the growth of lateral shoots. Updating the branches should be done once in 2-4 years

It is mandatory to spray the pear tree every year with solutions from pests and diseases

Carrying out these simple rules, you can achieve a high yield of pears Cure.

Variety of pears “Cure”