Variety of pear-shaped

Variety of pear-shaped

Variety of pear shaped

Pear along with apple and cherry is one of the most popular trees on home gardens in our country. As a rule, most residents choose the usual varieties, but there are also those who always and in everything are looking for something new

The variety of the column pear gives an opportunity not only to get a good harvest of fruits, but also to surprise the neighbors with an unusual tree. The thing is that the column-shaped pear has a very compact size, which greatly facilitates harvesting. The variety is very popular among those who know about it. Excellent for small areas, because it occupies very little area due to the fact that it does not have the usual spreading branches, while not disturbing or creating a shadow, for other landings

It should be noted that not only pear trees are colonial, but also peach, apple, plum. Very often, colonial trees are used by landscape designers to arrange the site, because they occupy a small area, look very unusual, and besides they also give an excellent harvest. Colon-shaped varieties are not inferior in taste to the best representatives of their family. Their useful properties are very well preserved, they make an invaluable contribution to our health

There are few sorts of a columnar pear. The most popular are: “Decoration”. The variety begins to mature by the end of summer, the fruits have a red tint, their taste is sweet-sour; Sapphire. The variety is resistant to winter cold. It is planted all over our country. Fruits have a greenish-yellow color, very juicy; “Honey”. The variety has yellow fruits, which are very rich in flavor and aroma

All of them are distinguished by low trunks, fruit begin to be closer to the autumn, does not require pruning. Colon-shaped pear – a find for gardeners

Variety of pear shaped

The main varieties of columnar pears are five:

1. Winter varieties. Pears have a yellow color, a surface with tubercles. The flesh of the fruit is juicy and soft.

2. Grades of late autumn. By the name you can understand that the pear begins to bear fruit late. Fruits have a brownish-green hue. Their surface is tuberous, well the taste is sweet.

3. Early varieties. Ripen in early autumn, the fruits have a lot of weight and size. Their color is yellow and bright.

4. Sort of autumn. It also ripens in autumn, while the fruits are very large and wide.

5. The variety is summer-autumn. Pears ripen in late August, early September. The fruits are very juicy, the taste is rich, the color of the pears is yellow with brown sides.

Planting Colonial Varieties

Variety of pear shaped

The best seedlings for planting are annuals. Since they easily tolerate the transplant, they do not get sick and easily get accustomed to a new place. The terms of disembarkation are the second half of autumn, the beginning of April. Planting trees can be close to each other, they do not need large areas. The distance between the holes can be as low as half a meter

The pits are digged two weeks before the landing. Plant colon-shaped pears at a depth of 80 cm, thoroughly straightening the roots. Before planting in the hole, add humus or compost. Be sure to drop a seedling in the hole before putting it in a bucket of water. You need to fill the pit gradually, tamping every layer. After planting, the area around the seedling is shed

After planting trees, be sure that the soil does not dry. Watering should be abundant and regular about 3-4 times a week. If the season turned out to be arid, it is necessary to spill seedlings every 1-2 days. After that, the ground around is better covered with sawdust, peat. This will help the moisture to evaporate more slowly

With proper care, the pears get along very well. The yield of the columnar varieties is very high. This can be seen from the trunks, completely covered with fruits.

Variety of pear-shaped