Variety of onion “Excibishen”

Variety of onion “Excibishen”

Variety of onion Excibishen

Onion is one of the most popular types of vegetables, which is grown on almost every home plot. It has many kinds. Some varieties are grown for greenery, others – for turnips

Relatively recently, a new variety appeared on the vegetable gardens of Russian summer residents – onions Excibishen. His homeland is Holland. Its main feature is the large size. The weight of one turner can reach 500 grams or more

In addition, it has a pleasant taste, without bitterness. And when cutting it into salads or soups you can not worry about that it will cause tears. Its only drawback is short shelf life. On average, it is 3-4 months after collection

Seedlings Prepare seedlings better since March. But before you sow the seeds in the pots, you need to prepare them. It consists of several stages:

    soaking in warm water for 2-3 hours; wrapping in a damp cloth for 3-4 days; disinfection for 8 hours in a solution of potassium permanganate.

Variety of onion Excibishen

No less attention is paid to soil for seedlings. The best option – a mixture of perepredevshey mullein, humus and turf in a ratio of 1: 9: 10. Deepening of seeds such soil is carried out to a depth of up to 1.5 cm

After disembarkation, the containers are covered with glass or polyethylene and placed in a warm place, where sunlight does not reach. Seedlings appear after 10-15 days. After emergence of seedlings, the containers can be transferred to a sunny place

Before planting in the soil, the seedlings are tempered, taking them to a colder place (for example, a balcony or veranda). The landing is made in early May on a 3 cm deep


Variety of onion Excibishen

Unlike seedlings, the use for the cultivation of onions is easier. No significant effort is required. Landing in the ground is carried out in April. But the seeds are prepared beforehand

Since the seeds of this variety are small, it is better to glue them to the paste on strips of toilet paper. Thanks to this, the plants on the bed will be located evenly. Do not need thinning

The seedbed is prepared in a special way before planting the seeds. The soil loosens and is treated with a solution of Phyto-Spirin. For its preparation, 1 teaspoon of the drug is added to a bucket of water. After this, deep furrows are cut into which seeds with seeds are laid. After landing, all furrows are sprinkled with earth

Care for onions Exclusive means:

    loosening to ensure access of oxygen to the roots; correct watering; weeding from weeds; pest and disease control; fertilizer.

To fertilize the beds use a product containing magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen. But you need to strictly follow the instructions for their use, so as not to cause damage to the plant. With regard to protection from diseases and pests, it is possible next to the onions to plant carrots, which pair with onions actively resists different parasites

Since the second half of summer, it is better not to water onions, since excessive moisture significantly shortens the storage time


Variety of onion Excibishen

You can harvest the harvest with pitchforks. This variety is characterized by bulbs, which are located almost on the surface, there will be no problems with harvesting. After collection, the bulbs are dried. It is advisable to tie them up at the same time, as this will prolong the shelf life

The Excise is stored at a temperature of plus 4 degrees for 3-4 months. Save this culture for longer will not work, as it begins to rot

As you can see, growing a sweet and delicious onion that does not make you cry is easy. You just need to follow the recommendations for planting and care.

Variety of onion “Excibishen”