Variety of grapes “Victor”

Variety of grapes “Victor”

Table grapes Victor is a hybrid. It was obtained as a result of crossing. Kishmish and Talisman were selected for breeding. Its fruits differ early ripening. Appear ripe berries in early August. Full maturation of the fetuses occurs on 100-105 days after the opening of the kidneys.

Variety of grapes Victor

The plant has a great growth force. In this case, the vine perfectly ripens, about 2/3 of the length. Formed inflorescences are well pollinated. There are flowers, both with stamens, and with pestles.

This grape variety can survive low temperatures. He is not afraid of frosts of -23 degrees. However, for winter, the plant must be sheltered. To do this, the vine is laid to the ground, and a protective film or agglutination is placed on top.

Young cuttings are distinguished by their ability to root well and form a powerful root system. Before planting the grapes must be soaked and cut. After the bush has been planted, the soil should be drizzled.

Experts recommend planting Victor on clay soils. On such soils, it is well received, develops and yields a quality crop. You should not plant this species on solid loam. In addition, he will not feel well in solonchaks and limestones.

Grapes Victor requires a care, just like the rest of the other varieties. As a preventive measure, spray the plant. In addition, the vine should be tied up in good time and get rid of unnecessary young shoots.

Watering is carried out as required. The bush is resistant to a variety of diseases. He is not afraid of gray rot, and also oidium and mildew. Victor can sometimes be amazed by wasps, but insignificantly. Hybrid variety rarely suffers from fungal diseases.

Variety of grapes Victor

One bush is allowed to form 30-35 kidneys. The number of shoots should be approximately 22-24 pieces. It should also be borne in mind that the area of grapes feeding should be 4-6 meters of a square plot. On the bitches of substitution in this class it is recommended to leave 3-4 eyes, and on the fruit vine should remain on the order of 8-10 kidneys.


In this grape variety, large and bulky clusters are formed. They have an average density. The weight of one brush can reach 600-1000 grams. Sometimes there are specimens that weigh up to 1400 grams. In addition, no berries were observed.


Victor is ripe with large berries. Each of them has an oval and slightly elongated shape. Also there is a pointed tip. One berry can have a weight of 9 grams to 14 grams. In this case, the size of the fetus can be from 34-42 millimeters in length and 20-26 millimeters in width.

Sometimes there are berries up to 60 millimeters. Depending on where the bunch of grapes ripened, the fruits may have a different color. Often it ranges from yellow-pink to dark pink, and can also be red or purple. Bole dark berries are formed in those places where more sunlight gets. If the fruits are light, then they are ripening in the shade.

According to their taste qualities, Victor is put on the first place. The fruits have a pleasant and harmonious taste. The berries have a thin peel, which during eating is almost not felt. In this case, the flesh itself is very juicy, fleshy of medium density. From one bush it is possible to collect more than 6 kilograms of a crop under condition of correct leaving. Collect the fruit should be in early August. By the middle of the month, there is a complete ripening of the grapes.

Grapes Victor is valued for the excellent marketable appearance of berries. He also perfectly tolerates transportation.

Variety of grapes “Victor”