Variety of grapes “Transfiguration”

Variety of grapes “Transfiguration”

This berry has many useful qualities, and also has a unique taste. Variety of grapes “Transfiguration” is popular among gardeners, because it has good fruit bearing in the middle zone of our country. This plant has an early maturation period

The breeder “Transfiguration” brought out a selectionist from Russia V. Krainov. And he himself is an ordinary lover, but lately this sort of berry is considered one of the best

Variety of grapes Transfiguration

Characteristics of grapes Culture has a powerful bush, which also grows rapidly. Also, he always has stepsons. Vine bunches have the appearance of a cone, mostly weighing about a kilogram, but some grow to three kilograms

The berries are large in the form of an oval, when they mature, they turn pink or turn yellow-pink. Outwardly this variety has a similarity with two other varieties of grapes, by the way also bred by this breeder, “Victor” and “Jubilee of Novocherkassk”

The taste of the berries is sweet, predominant in them is not a big acid. Thin peel contains inside the flesh very juicy. Each berry has a white matt coating, as well as a unique fragrance. Ripe grapes or not is determined very simply: click on the fruit, if it is soft, then you can tear it down

People who grow grapes, choose the variety “Transformation” because of its unpretentiousness and high yield. You can also collect two crops from one bush. The second is already in September with new stepchildren. One shrub of this variety can give twenty kilograms of a product

Planting Seedlings If you are going to buy this crop for planting, then carefully inspect the seedling. On the cut, the color should be green, and the roots white

Plant them better in the spring. First dig a hole. Its depth depends on the basal neck. Because it should be located at the soil level or a little lower. The width of the fovea is such that the roots are not bent

Before planting the seedlings are kept in water for one day, you can add a stimulant to it. All the tips of the roots are cut off. Make sure that the root system is warmed up after planting. Therefore cover the hole with a film and water constantly bush

Courting grape seedlings Crop shrubs of this variety should be every year. The form in the form of a fan is preferred. Fruit vines should be 6-8 eyes long, the number of shoots should be up to 35 pieces. Since the yield of the bush is high, and the weight of the bunches is large, normalization is necessary. It is desirable to leave one inflorescence on one shoot

There are vine-growers who try to trim the inflorescence on their stepsons, so that the main crop is of high quality. And the stepsons only delay his growth

Variety of grapes Transfiguration

The variety “Transfiguration” has an average resistance to diseases, especially fungal. To prevent this, it is necessary to spray the culture once or twice a year with fungicidal solutions

Preparation of bushes for winter Grape bushes in this class can withstand frost, but only up to minus 23 degrees. So in a temperate climate, all bushes should be sheltered for the winter. But first, three-fourths of the vine is cut off. This should be done to facilitate the shelter of the culture

All pruning gardeners perform in the autumn. But if you still did not do it. Then in the spring it is necessary to have time to prune the branches before the first buds blossom

Commodity qualities for the berries of this variety are excellent, therefore they transport transport well. “Transfiguration” can be planted and grown for consumption at home in fresh form, and for canning, and also sell. The demand for grapes of this sort is always good.

Variety of grapes “Transfiguration”