Variety of grapes “Lora”

Variety of grapes “Lora”

Variety of grapes Lora

Many gardeners do not risk developing grape culture in their areas because they believe that this plant is too thermophilic and will not be able to settle down where the cold is for most of the year. And if you manage to keep the bush in the cold, then the generosity of such a sufferer should not wait. All these speculations are refuted by the Laura variety, which, for its yield and unpretentiousness, won a special preference among Russian gardeners

There are even practices – breeders, who not only plant seedlings of this crop, but also improve its properties, and already improved specimens are called in a new manner by Flora

The distinctive varietal features of Laura are the result of successful crossing of 4 kinds of grapes, from which only the best qualities were taken. His Odessa scientists took him out, and immediately the variety was widely recognized

The grapes of this grapes impress with their size, the smallest of which reaches a weight of 1 kg. And if we consider the largest brushes, then we can find specimens weighing more than 2 kg

Of course, good results should not be expected without painstaking care, however, the impact is impressive

More often, the bunches are characterized by an elongated conical shape, from 30 to 40 cm in length. Fruits in such a brush are located freely or with medium density

The berries themselves are white, with a wax coating, weighing from 8 g. up to 12, oval shape. Bone in the fruit is a bit

Laura has an unusual taste. . The berries are sweet, the sugar saturation is 20%, the acidity is up to 8 g / l. Clearly there is a taste of muscat

Extremely tasty without any preparation, but also in conservation, as well as in winemaking proved to be excellent

Features The variety is not similar to others in that it is unusually fast and very proliferating. Only one bush can count about 50 eyes. If you do not form a bush, abundant shoots will take away a lot of strength from the plant, but with proper care a rich harvest is provided

Already in the second year after planting, Laura can please the first fruits. Young shoots develop rapidly, brushes on the branches are many, and, consequently, the total weight of the entire crop is increased

However, do not forget – the more fruit is formed, the smaller the brushes themselves. In addition, the maturation of a bush with a large number of brushes can stretch

Usually, the vegetative period ranges from 110 to 120 days. That is, Laura is a grade of early ripening. But do not be surprised if a bush rich in bunches ripens at the same time as mid-late

Another thing that happens is that one plant is completely covered with bunches, and another planted nearby, because of this, it will lose all the ovaries

But, if only 18 brushes are formed on the bush, then they will ripen very quickly, and the weight will be much larger. But this is not too good for the plant itself – after ripening before the time the bush can enter a repeated vegetative period, which is strictly not recommended

All these factors indicate the need to control the future crop, the best is the golden mean, that is, on one plant the number of brushes should be no more than 27 pieces, but not less than 23. Together with the fertile branches there must be shoots that have not yet brought fruits, and their number should be at least 30%


Variety of grapes Lora

The Laura variety needs the same care as other cultivars. Experienced wine growers know that after planting,

    watering – regular and abundant. Fruit-bearing shrub on average requires up to 60 liters of water per irrigation; mulching – should be used to keep moisture as long as possible, and the trunks do not disturb the weeds. Mulch can be any organic, spreading it a layer of 3 cm and more. However, the mulching should be treated with increased attention – it is impossible to mulch in the summer; feeding – to grow a generous harvest, it is simply necessary; pruning is carried out every fall, but only after the plant has entered into fruiting. Young shoots are not cut; sheltering plants before winter. Laura, although it has a strong frost resistance, it is better, though, to avoid a very low temperature, therefore, it is better to hide; treatment from pests.

These simple rules will help grow an amazing variety on the site, which then can not be abandoned.

Variety of grapes “Lora”