Variety of grapes “Kesha”

Variety of grapes “Kesha”

It is believed that the variety of grapes Kesha is a canteen. At the same time, his maturation occurs early enough. From the moment when buds start to blossom and before the fruit ripen in about 120-130 days.

Variety of grapes Kesha

The plant has a powerful root system. This species is considered tall. Grapes are valued for its excellent yield and size of fruit. Kesha is not afraid of low temperatures and can survive frosts at -23 degrees.

It is not necessary to cover it for the winter. Under the snow it will be quite comfortable. The plant is rarely affected by fungal diseases, including mildew. He is also not afraid of rot. However, it is recommended to spray Kesha with a solution against ticks. In addition, the wasps are rarely destroyed.

Plant this variety best in open areas with bright sunlight. This will contribute to high yield. Kesha likes light soils that need to be warmed up well. He is not afraid of drought. Therefore, it can grow without regular watering.

Grapes that are grown in favorable conditions are early and quickly ripening. Among all shoots, about 80% are fertile. On each shoot, 1 or 2 large clusters are formed. Flowers pollinate well. However, this depends on the weather conditions.

Young cuttings of this variety are well established. Fruiting usually begins 4-5 years after planting the plant in the open ground. Growing Kesha, it is worth considering that grapes do not really like nitrogen fertilizers. In addition, he does well without any feeding and growth accelerators.

Variety of grapes Kesha


This type of grapes have large and loose bunches of conical shape. The weight of one is mainly 900-1200 grams. Externally, Kesha is attractive enough. The comb comb is long.


This grape variety has large berries. The average fetus measures approximately 31×35 millimeters. The weight of one berry reaches 12-16 grams. Less common are specimens having a weight of 20-25 grams.

Kesha fructifies with round-shaped berries. Their color mainly depends on the brightness of the lighting. Fruits that ripen directly under the sun have an amber-white hue, and those that were in the shade are painted in a white-green color. In each mature berry, you can find 1-3 bones, a small size. Smaller fruits without seeds at all. This variety has a fleshy pulp, which has a pleasant muscat taste.

It is worth considering that grapes contain sugar, the amount of which rarely exceeds 20-24%. Fruits also contain acids in the amount of 5-8 g / l.

Berries have a presentable appearance and are often used to decorate the table. Fruits are used fresh. In addition, they have high transportability. Therefore, they can withstand transportation for long distances without losing their presentation.

Harvest is beginning to be harvested in August. Ripe fruits are well preserved in the bushes until the first frost. In ripped form they can lie up to 4 weeks in a cool place.

Preparation for wintering

Approximately after October 10 on the plant, it is necessary to remove all the remaining leaves. Then you need to cut pruning. In early November, the vine is laid to the ground. Using wire staples, they are attached to the ground. In the event that the frosts began and the snow fell, grape can not be harbored.

Under the snow cap, he will perfectly carry the winter. If the temperature has fallen below zero, and there is no snow, then it is necessary to cover the plant. To do this, you can use dry grass and small branches, covering the top with a film.

Variety of grapes “Kesha”