Variety of grapes “Isabella”

Variety of grapes “Isabella”

Isabella grape variety is seldom used for food in fresh form. More often it produces juice or wine. Full ripening of the fruit occurs rather late. Therefore, Isabella is used for landscaping plots. It is planted not only in the country, but in urban parks and gardens.

Variety of grapes Isabella

At the moment, this grapes are grown both in the southern regions, and in the Moscow region, as well as in Siberia.

This grade has excellent frost resistance. Vinohrad is not afraid of low temperatures. It perfectly suits in completely different climatic zones. It is not necessary to cover it for the winter period. The plant is very fond of moist soil. It is not recommended to plant it in arid areas. It is best to feel the grapes on fertile soils. In this case, they must be slightly lime.

At the moment, commercial production of Isabella wines has been banned in many countries. Since a high concentration of methanol was found in the finished wines. This substance adversely affects the state of the human body. The result can be chronic kidney and liver diseases, and vision may fall. However, the juices from the grapes are absolutely safe.

To harvest the grapes was quality, you need to look after it properly. It is recommended to thin out the leaves from time to time. This is done so that the plant is better ventilated. In this case, the sun’s rays can better illuminate the bush. In addition, in arid periods it is necessary to water the grapes.

Variety of grapes Isabella

The plant has not very large leaves. As a rule, they have a dark green color on top and a pale green from below, with some pubescence. The pickle groove in this grapes is open. At the same time, it is slightly arched and has a sharp bottom. In the flowering period, small inflorescence is formed. Flowers can be either with well developed pestles or with stamens.

From the moment when the first buds start to bloom before the full ripening of berries comes about 150-180 days. The plant is characterized by tall shrubs. However, the vine has an average aging. From one hectare you can collect up to 60-75 centners of ripe fruit.


In the Isabella variety, medium-sized clusters are formed, which differ in their cylindrical shape. In this case, the brushes have small wings. The density of the bunches is medium. Very rarely they can be loose. The weight of one bunch can reach 140 grams.


The fruits of the grapes do not stand out against the background of other varieties of particularly large sizes. The berries are round in shape. Sometimes there are oval specimens. The surface of the fruit is covered with a wax coating. Ripened berries are painted black. In addition, there is a gray tinge.

The skin on the fruits is strong and thick enough. The flesh has a peculiar flavor with some strawberry tinge. This variety contains 16-18% of sugar and 6-7 g / l of various acids.

Isabella has a lot of useful properties. Berries contain a large number of antioxidants. Fruits can help to normalize blood pressure, and also positively affect the level of hemoglobin. In addition, they contain mineral salts.

Not only some berries can be useful. Leaves are also highly valued. They are used for abrasions and cuts. In addition, they can reduce high body temperature. In this case, fresh leaves are applied to the chest, forehead and armpits. In doing so, they can help get rid of the headache. With angina, you can gargle with a decoction of Isabella’s leaves. It should also be used as an expectorant.

Variety of grapes “Isabella”