Variety of grapes “Codrianka”

Variety of grapes “Codrianka”

Variety of grapes Codrianka

Codrians is a very early sort of table grapes, which is very resistant to various diseases. For a long time, the buds bloom and the berries ripen, they make up only 110-118 days. This plant is a huge bushes. Bunches reach up to 400-600 g, and some masses reach 1.5 kg. The berries are dark purple and they are large in size.

The taste qualities do not differ, but from the fact that the pulp is soft, the skin is not felt when used. Accumulation of sugar is about 18-19%, and acidity – 6-7 g / l. In this type of grapes the acidity rapidly decreases. Taste qualities are not lost, even if the grapes are not removed for a long time. If the year is not favorable for the harvest, then the Codrians will not give the berries large, but more like a pea, but if you use gibberylin, you can get large berries without seeds. And also increases the yield. This grape variety is resistant to a drop in temperature.

In agriculture, it grows on different soils, so it is not a whimsical plant. Gardeners are very fond of this sort of grapes, because it stands different conditions and, no matter what, it has a very high yield.

Characterizing properties of the variety

Codreanka is a table grapes variety. It is so prone to the formation of peas that you can consider about 30% of the small berries that have formed. Research of experts has proved that almost all grape varieties can form a large number of small berries, which are called peas. As a commodity, grapes with a lot of peas do not fit, and they do not fit for consumption at home.

In small berries-peas more sugar, it depends on the fact that they ripen faster, but the taste is much tastier and sweeter than the larger berries. Also, they are not cracked and less susceptible to decay. A variety of grapes Codreanka is very resistant to various types of diseases and therefore it should not be carefully treated with various drugs. Berries are well transportable and have an attractive appearance, as well as excellent taste qualities. Due to the presence of such properties, this type of grapes has a great consumer demand.

Much attention should be given to the plant when planting and if done right, you can get a plentiful harvest for several years. Planting material will be annual saplings or cuttings, which are taken from an annual vine. But it is best to use seedlings for the reproduction of grapes. The best time for planting is autumn, until the frosts come, and also early spring, until the buds are blooming. The seedlings are planted in a pit, which is prepared in advance and covered with soil containing mineral fertilizers.

To obtain a good harvest, the soil must be fertile and therefore it is enriched with useful microelements. Near the seedling it is necessary to install a stable peg and attach a seedling to it with a tape of tissue. After this, it must be poured with plenty of water, the water flow should be about 2 or 3 buckets. This amount is watered so that there is no drying out of the plant and for a greater development of the root system. When autumn planting, around the seedling, you need to soil the land.

For any cottage grapes, Codreanka will be an excellent decoration and will please your tasty berries and small and large lovers of grape berries. If there is still no such fine variety near the house or country house, it is necessary to buy and plant this magnificent grape variety.

Variety of grapes “Codrianka”