Variety of grapes “Arcadia”

Variety of grapes “Arcadia”

Variety of grapes Arcadia

Arcadia – is a table type of grapes. This kind of grapes belongs to the best varieties and the ripening of berries occurs in a short time – 112-125 days. Basically the bunches of Arcadia are large and weigh from 500 to 700 g, some reach up to 2 kg, the shape resembles a cylinder. The berries are egg-shaped, white in color and very large in size. It has a usual, but pleasant and easy taste.

Muscat aroma is present in well ripened berries. In the presence of a strong peel and fleshy juicy pulp is easily transported, without damaging the berries. Excellent grapes Arcadia is the record among all kinds of grapes, which brings a rich harvest. This variety requires careful care. Proper doses of fertilizer will yield excellent yields. Berries may be cracked due to moisture drop in the soil.

The grapes are resistant to frost tolerability and can withstand a temperature drop of -21 ° C. Due to the powerful root system cuttings very well accrue and fruiting occurs early. Excellent compatibility with a large number of different rootstocks. To date, the market is quite saturated with a magnificent variety of Arcadia. Has a slight resistance to fungal diseases.

Favorable effects on growth and yield are provided by fertilizers that contain phosphorus and potassium. The excessive amount of fertilizers that contain nitrogen adversely affect the plant. With its positive characteristics, grapes differ from all other varieties, and not all varieties can compare with it. It became the most widespread and popular species, and many wine lovers respect it. Is in great demand in the food industry, as well as in winemaking.

It is in good demand because of rapid growth, already 3 years after planting the grapes, you can find the first harvest on young branches. To sell this variety is necessary on the same day, which was collected, because for a short time on the surface of berries there are specks and it forms an unattractive appearance.

An excellent variety of grapes has become a record among the other varieties, as it is possible to collect an excellent harvest from one bush and it ranges from 30 to 50 kg, that not one grape variety can compare to Arkady for harvesting. It differs from the more sugary varieties of grapes in that it does not contain a large amount of sugar and if berries are not removed from the bush for a while, a small amount of muscat can be found in its taste.

If you take good care of the grapes: remove the weeds in time, feed them and during the loosening of the soil, you can find an excellent yield, you need to clean the excess for complete and normal ripening of the vine.

Many gardeners recommend spraying the plant, Arcadia in abundant and constant spraying is very needed, which has a good effect on growth and fruiting. For the winter it is recommended to cover the grapes, since the ripening of the vine may freeze and further yields will be reduced.

Arkady grape variety is in great demand among amateurs, and they advise those who have a house or a summer residence to buy and plant an unusual plant. It will not only bring an excellent fruit and with an unusual taste, but will be an excellent decoration near the most unprepossessing house.

More than one gardener or grapes lover did not complain about the wonderful variety of Arkady grape, everyone remains grateful in creating an excellent plant. On the table, it will be an excellent dessert, and the drinks are obtained with the most magnificent taste.

Variety of grapes “Arcadia”