Variety of cucumbers “Zozulya”

Variety of cucumbers “Zozulya”

Variety of cucumbers Zozulya

Variety description This vegetable is common among gardeners, because it showed all its qualities from a good side. From one square meter you can collect up to twelve kilograms of vegetables. The taste of these cucumbers is excellent, so they are used both in fresh form for salads, and for any processing. From cucumbers make salads for the winter, salt, pickle

The positive qualities of this variety include the fact that it is early ripening. The first vegetables truck farmers are harvested on the forty-sixth day after seedlings. The shape of Cucumbers Zozulya cylindrical, tubercles on the surface are weak, the color of the skin is dark green. And you can see soft bands of white throughout the skin

Small cucumbers are tied without pollination. Therefore, the cultivar Zozulya can be grown in greenhouses and small hotbeds. Still this kind of cucumbers has excellent resistance to cucumber mosaic, olive spotting and root rot.

Planting of cucumber seeds of Zozulya variety

Plant seeds of cucumbers of this variety can not germinate, not even soaking. But the place for landing should be prepared. Dial dry sawdust, but then they will have to be poured with boiling water. When they cool down to a temperature of 25-28 degrees, proceed to seeding the seeds

When after a few days the cotyledons unfold, they can be transplanted into pots, where they will grow further. Do not forget to monitor the temperature in the room and observe the optimum humidity. Therefore, it is necessary to water sprouts regularly

Work with seedlings Although a little laborious process of growing seedlings, but it will give a good harvest in the future. And most importantly, it will be collected earlier than from other varieties

Of course, it will be better if the seeds germinate, so that the rootlet length is about 0.7 millimeters. After each seed plant a peat cup or a cube of fertilized soil. In order for the seeds to germinate, it is necessary to take the washed sawdust, which is covered with a damp cloth. On top of it, spread the seeds, then cover with a cloth and pour some more sawdust

To obtain high-quality seedlings of cucumbers, it is necessary to maintain the temperature within 28 degrees, after germination it can be brought to 20 degrees

Variety of cucumbers Zozulya

Planting seedlings of cucumbers For planting cucumber seedlings Zozulya good time will be the time after the fifteenth of May. Plants twenty-five days old get out of the cups, they already have about four leaves

Do not allow the earth to scatter around the roots. In this form they are transplanted into the ground. Prepared beds should be fertilized. If the disembarkation is to be made in a greenhouse, the spacing between seedlings should be 120 by 30 centimeters. At 1m2 can accommodate three plants

In greenhouse conditions, in a month or less, you can pick the first cucumbers. Since the microclimate has a rapid growth. And if the seedlings are planted in the open ground, then here it is necessary to wait a little more time

The main thing, always watch how the greens grow. Because you can not let them outgrow. Since small cucumbers are more delicious, and the yield will be more by quantity. Yes, and harvesting for the winter is more convenient to do with small-sized vegetables. In addition, cucumbers have in their composition many vitamins, minerals and nutrients

Therefore, they are useful at any time of the year, especially in spring and autumn, when the human body needs vitamins. And any gardeners can grow cucumbers in a garden, because in this there is nothing difficult and care they require a little.

Variety of cucumbers “Zozulya”