Variety of cucumbers “Courage”

Variety of cucumbers “Courage”

Variety of cucumbers Courage

It is believed that the cucumber – a vegetable is of little use, because it is more than 90% water. However, it is the cucumber water that possesses magical qualities. It easily quenches thirst, fills the body with the necessary substances and even relieves swelling in pregnant women. Yes, and in addition to it, many micronutrients are included, which have a beneficial effect on our health.

And yet, truck farmers grow cucumbers, rather, because of their excellent taste qualities. Cucumber like almost everything, always and in any form. That is why breeders do not get tired of displaying all the new varieties that meet the picky demands of vegetable growers.

One of these varieties is Courage.

Characteristic of the variety

The variety is an early ripening, self-pollinating hybrid.

In areas where the weather is warm and sunny, a lot can be planted in unprotected soil, but in most of Russia, where the climate is not characterized by a stable heat, it is recommended to grow in greenhouses.

The plant is indeterminate, that is, its height is practically unlimited. It has a rich appearance and a lot of lateral processes, so it is recommended that Courage is formed. Most often, it is driven into a single stem, so as not to spray the force on a lot of weavers with small fruits.

In one site of the main shoot, 2 to 4 fetuses are formed, and on lateral shoots 5-8. One plant can carry up to 30 fruits simultaneously.

The fruit itself can reach 15 cm in length, and the weight, often, exceeds 130 g.

The fruits have an even, green color, the seeds of the pulp are small, the flesh itself is light. It is also characteristic that even after heat treatment (in the process of conservation), cucumbers retain their color. The fetus has pubescence.

The variety has a very pleasant taste – aromatic, juicy, slightly sweet. To ensure that the cucumber does not have a bitter taste, it needs timely watering, then the taste will not deteriorate.

To increase the yield, you need to remove the cucumbers as soon as they reach a length of 10 cm. Then the plant will begin to form new fruits. So, one bush can please a crop in 18 kg. cucumbers.


Variety of cucumbers Courage

Like any cultural plant, the Courage breed requires some attention.

The first requirement for this culture is watering. Cucumbers love moist soil, but not wet, with excessive watering the plant begins to rot.

Water for irrigation should be taken from warmed tanks. Cool water leads to a halt in growth and various plant diseases.

Insufficient irrigation spoils the taste of the fruit with bitterness, and prolonged drought is harmful to the entire bush.

If there is no rain, then the bush is watered once in 4-5 days. When flowers appear on the plant, watering should be increased to 1 time in 2 days.

Because the plant is too tall and can not keep its lashes, it is tied up. Tied up, the cucumber gets more light, warms up better, and the diseases decrease.

It is necessary to carry out weeding and loosening of this vegetable. This should be done carefully, so as not to damage the roots.

Such a tall and large-bodied plant may lack just fertilized soil, so it must be supplemented.

Top dressing is given three times – before the flowers bloom, during flowering and at the time of fruit ripening.

Very recommended pinched. To ensure that the collected cucumbers were pleasant appearance, even, large and taste did not get worse, the bush needs shaping or nipping. That is, after 5-6 genuine leaflets appeared on the main bush, the tip of this stem is carefully removed, pinching. And also, remove all excess shoots in the axils of the leaves.

In cases where this is neglected, from the embryonic shoots on the side are formed inferior, small fruits of irregular shape, which will draw nutrients from the plant.

Careful care is not complicated, it is important to conduct it regularly. And then Courage to thank the diligent owners with a magnificent harvest of strong, even, tasty cucumbers.

Variety of cucumbers “Courage”