Variety of cucumbers “Balcony”

Variety of cucumbers “Balcony”

Variety of cucumbers Balcony

Crackle your own cucumber in the hot noon or open a jar of pickled cucumbers in the winter – it’s not a pleasure. Cucumber became such a habitual vegetable with our menu, that without it it is problematic to imagine even a simple table, not to mention a festive

However, there are unscrupulous producers who supply goods not of high quality, so, undoubtedly, it is better to grow cucumbers yourself. Moreover, it does not bring any special troubles

But so could, until some time, to enter only the owners of land, the same ones who do not have land, were forced to be satisfied with small, twisted fruits on the shelves of vegetable shops

Breeders gave the townspeople a variety that can be easily grown without leaving home, that is, on their own balcony. This sort is called – Balcony

Distinctive features of the variety

    balcony cucumbers are distinguished by a powerful root system (they need to get everything out of a limited amount of land to fully ripen the fruits); shade tolerance (a sort of Balcony cucumber can not consume a lot of sunlight, which saves residents not on the southern side); well tolerates short-term drought (however, do not expose the plant to permanent overdrying, this will negatively affect the yield); the leaves are small (they will not block the access of light); abundant ovaries; the distance between the nodules is small; fruits do not overgrow.

Cucumbers with such qualities, of course, can be grown in greenhouses, however, they are especially in demand for growing on closed balconies and loggias

They have a fairly long period of fruiting. Even at a time when dacha dwellers are moving to the city apartments, you can still pick a fresh fruit from the bush

Features of cultivation Such an unusual variety requires special attention. For example, before landing, some points must be considered

Cucumbers grown on the eastern and south-eastern balconies are best suited. On balconies that go to the north side, they may not have enough heat and light. However, if there are no other options, you can land and there

Tanks for planting will suit any, the main thing is that there was drainage, and there was enough land. To do this, you need a pot (or another container) with a capacity of 200 – 300 ml. The container is filled with fertile soil, it is moistened, and after that the seeds can be planted

After the first shoots were sprouted, the temperature should be maintained around 20 – 24 degrees during the day, and at night – 18-19. If the shoots become very hot, they will begin to stretch. But also to admit temperature below 18 degrees it is impossible, saplings will weaken, and growth can stop

Features of care It should be borne in mind that the land in the tank is not much, so the plant is very in need of fertilizing

Variety of cucumbers Balcony

Cucumbers should be tied up without fail. Very convenient in this case, mobile trellis. This is a conventional wire, curved U-shaped, which is inserted into the pot and moves along with it, or wooden uncomplicated structures

Cucumber Balcony grade must be formed. Soil is in a limited quantity, so do not let the shoots and top of the plant grow violently.

Just like ordinary cucumber planting, the Balcony grade should be regularly watered. The earth in any capacity dries out faster than the land in the beds, so watering should be done more often

Even on the balcony or loggia, malicious insects will find their own food, so the bushes must be protected from invasion by uninvited guests

These simple rules will help even in a pot to grow a good harvest.

Variety of cucumbers “Balcony”