Variety of cherry “Kharitonovskaya”

Variety of cherry “Kharitonovskaya”

Variety of cherry Kharitonovskaya

Cherries are one of the most popular trees on the site, after apple trees. This is not surprising, because cherry fruit has a very pleasant taste, many useful components, serve as a dietary product. Breeders identified more than 150 varieties of these trees

One of the most popular is Cherry Kharitonovskaya. She was born in 1998. Then it was entered in the register. This variety is bred by crossing 2 other species. The result of this work was this cherry variety, which later became very popular

Characteristics of the variety “Kharitonovskaya”

Variety of cherry Kharitonovskaya

    The height of the tree is about 2.5-3 meters. Crown cherries are widely spread to the sides, while having the shape of a ball. Fruits have a mass of about 5-6 grams, brightly burgundy and dark specks on the peel, but they are barely visible when viewed visually. The skin on the fruit is loose. The flesh has a bright orange hue. The taste of berries is tart, sweet and sour. The variety belongs to the number of self-fruit trees. The pollination is positively influenced by cherries, which grow next door. And the best varieties are “Zhukovsky” and “Vladimirsky”. They are relatives of cherry “Kharitonovskaya”. The leaves have a smooth texture and a dark green saturated color. The stone in the berry is very well separated from the pulp. But at the same time, the peculiarity of the variety lies in the fact that the stalk is easily detached from the branch, but is firmly attached to the bone. Also worth noting is the lack of variety. It’s just a big bone.

What are the advantages of cherry “Kharitonovskaya”? Cherry is popular in our country, so it fructifies very well. In spring the entire tree is covered with pink and white flowers. This indicates a high yield

Fruits, juicy, perfectly stored and do not deteriorate during transportation. Therefore, it is often possible to see the variety in the country’s berry markets

With regard to resistance to disease, then here again the cherry has proved itself. Summer residents noted the following fact. If you plant a tree in the bottom of the tree, it will not affect coccomicosis

As for the regions of planting cherry “Kharitonovskaya”, it is better to plant it in warmer places or at least in the middle band of Russia. This is due to the fact that the variety did not show itself as frost-resistant. And in severe cold weather, many summer residents noted that the trees freeze

Planting cherry “Haritonovskaya” Before planting trees of this variety, you need to take into account a number of important nuances. Cherry Kharitonovskaya does not like drafts, which means that it should be planted next to fences or household structures. It will also accumulate more snow, which will serve as a shelter for the root system

Also worth noting – the seedlings need to be planted on the south side of the site. Where the trees will heat the sun. Does not like this variety and closely located groundwater

Cherry “Kharitonovskaya” loves fertile soils. Therefore, during planting in the hole, you need to add fertilizer. Soil must not only be nutritious, but it is good to let in air. It is necessary to dig a pit and apply fertilizers in advance. Dimensions 60 x 60 cm

After planting the seedlings they should be taken care of: abundantly watering, loosening the soil, watching that the trees are not exposed to pests and diseases

Variety “Haritonovskaya” has a high yield, but also when planting it is necessary to work hard. Therefore, we must weigh the pros and cons in advance. It is not necessary to plant cherries of this variety in regions with a cold climate, since the probability of freezing is high. Then all the work will be wasted.

Variety of cherry “Kharitonovskaya”