Variety of apples “Idared”

Variety of apples “Idared”

Variety of apples Idared

In 1935 in the territory of the United States of America it was legally recorded the appearance of a new, essentially different from the rest, variety of apples, which received the name “Idared”. American breeders managed to successfully cross the best representatives of apple varieties Wagner and Jonathan and get a significantly improved variety of apples

Description of the variety Apple trees “Aidared” refer to winter, late ripening varieties. The apple tree is tall, its height is 3.2-3.5 meters on average. Crown apple-tree is spherical, dense, requires constant pruning and care, otherwise it will not be necessary to expect a large harvest. Most branches grow vertically with a small deflection angle, to form a cup-shaped crown in such an apple tree is not at all simple

The color of the bark is grayish-brown, its surface is smooth. The ability to form new shoots in an apple of this variety is average. Fruits, even at a young age, are located on branches evenly, denudations, that is, branches liberated completely or partially from apples do not occur. In particularly fruitful years on the old trees can form whole garlands of apples

The bark of young branches is gray-brown in color, the branches themselves are slightly rooted, the thickness of new shoots is medium, and their shape is straight, in cross section. The foliage of the tree is distinguished by a bright green color, the lower part of the leaves is abundantly covered with villi. The ends of the leaves are clear, the sides are notched, sometimes the leaves can be folded in the direction of the clockwise movement. Sheet plate smooth, glossy, located at right angles to the stem. The cherry on which the sheet is kept thin. The leaves of young plants may differ in color from the more mature ones

Blossoms apple-tree abundantly, pink, saucer-shaped flowers, stigma pestles are short, pubescent have not. Blooming early, abundant and long, pollen is considered viable enough. Apples are large, almost the same size, flat-rounded, weighing not less than 100 grams each. The rind of the apples is smooth, the color is green with pink barrels, there are multiple subcutaneous points that give the apple a matt ebb. The saucer of apples is quite deep, the breadth is no different. Shape of the big sub-tube cylindrical

Taste qualities of variety A variety of apples “Aidared” is a high-grade variety. The taste qualities of fruits are good, or medium. The fruit pulp is juicy, light creamy, smelling good. A ripe, fresh apple is firm, but a little bit of stand up becomes a little softer. In the first stage of storage, the apple pulp is fine-grained, but near the end of storage it becomes loose

Fruits ripen in late September – early October, when it comes to areas with a temperate and hot climate and a little later, when cultivating apple trees of this variety in areas with an unfavorable climate. Apples can be stored for a long time, more than 6-8 months

Advantages of the variety Apples are delicious, aromatic, well stored and transported. Apple tree is unpretentious in care. The first fruits appear on the trees by the end of the fifth year of cultivation. Apples are suitable for consumption in any form, both fresh and canned, have an attractive presentation. The yield indicators are high, the variety is most often used for breeding purposes

Disadvantages Apple trees are not sufficiently resistant to pests such as scab and powdery mildew. In addition, if we limit the number of flowering plants growing next to the tree of the given variety, a loss of the future crop can occur as a result of the lack of the ability of the tree to self-pollination.

Variety of apples “Idared”