Variety of apples “Glory to the winners”

Variety of apples “Glory to the winners”

Variety of apples Glory to the winners

Apple tree grade “Glory to the winners” was withdrawn in 1928 in Ukraine and is the result of crossing the variety of “Macintosh” and “White Filling”. The apple tree is suitable for the Central part of Russia. The crown is sprawling, shoots form an acute angle with the trunk. The branches are interwoven into an oval dome, the crown is dense.

A lot of thin branches bear fruit abundantly. The stems are red, brown in places, the bark is shiny. The leaves are slightly elevated, and the glossy surface itself is light green, the leaf plates are small. The leaf with the stem forms an acute angle.

The flowers of the apple tree are pink, they open almost completely, but the buds are red, the stamens are painted in scarlet. This variety does not self-pollinate badly, it is better to plant a pollinating tree, such as, “Antonovka” and “Borovinka”, to increase the yield.

Fruits have an imperfect shape, sometimes ribbed. The color of apples is not uniform, the skin is shiny. The average weight of an apple is about 130 g. Small apples almost never happen, if you take care of the tree properly. It is necessary to thin the ovary and monitor the humidity. If the summer is not arid, then the fruits will be juicy and large.

Ripe fruits have a yellow-green color with an expressive blush almost throughout the apple. The beige pulp tastes sweet with a light sourness and a unique aroma. You can eat apples fresh, wet, make jams, jam, juices. Excellent grade of apples suitable for drying.

It is important to harvest the harvest on time, in the Southern regions it is necessary to harvest the harvest in early August. Ripe apples easily crumble, so often the fruit is removed early and the apples are already ripening artificially. You can store apples in the cellar for about two months, in the refrigerator, the fruits will last longer, even more than three months. Apples swell in the wrong storage mode.

The composition of apples includes ascorbic acid, which is simply necessary to strengthen immunity. A large amount of vitamin C will help fight the cold. The middle of apples is elongated, oblong, in it there are on the average 5 seeds of a brown shade.

Variety of apples Glory to the winners

Choose a place to plant carefully, the soil is better to choose saturated with minerals, the air should be wet. It is better to choose a seedling with a protected root system, this will allow the tree to settle down well.

The sapling must be watered, the tree does not tolerate the drying of the soil. To plant a young tree, it is necessary to excavate a pit 50 cm deep, loosen the soil, mix it with humus and sawdust. The seedling should be placed in a pit and covered with earth, then compacted.

Planted with apples must be watered. Under the seedlings it is better to plant the grass, the apple tree will not be fruitful soon. The tree is resistant to fungal diseases. It is necessary to periodically thin out the crown, remove excess shoots, this is necessary to increase the yield. The tree is branchy and the crown grows rapidly. There is also a dwarf variant of this variety. It is easier to take care of such a tree, it does not reach a height of more than two meters in height, it can be cut more conveniently.

In the southern regions, the apple tree begins to bear fruit after two years after planting, usually it will take about five years to harvest. For the first ten years the tree fructifies every year, after the yield becomes periodic. This variety is quite resistant, but the apple tree often dies from drought. This does not mean that the whole tree dies at once, the ovary may fall off and the yield will drop significantly.

The apple variety “Glory to the winners” is one of the best dessert varieties of apples. The yield of trees is high, with proper care. Observing the rules of storage, you can enjoy juicy fresh fruits for the New Year.

Variety of apples “Glory to the winners”