Variety of apples “Florina”

Variety of apples “Florina”

Variety of apples Florina

Apples are not just a pleasant taste of fruit, but also carry a storehouse of vitamins, microelements so necessary for the normal functioning of the body. One of the varieties of apples is Florina

General description of the Florina variety Apples Florina are dark red or red with white specks. These fruits have a rich, pleasant smell and sweet taste. Apples are about 100-150 g in size. The flesh of the fruit is elastic, dry, and the flesh is very tender and juicy

The average tree height is about 3 m. The best pollination will be from such varieties as Goldesh delishes or its varieties. After free pollination up to 30% of the fruit can be tied up

Apples are ripening already in September, but they should not be eaten until January, as full ripening and juiciness appear only in the winter. This variety can be safely transported, since the fruit safely tolerate transportation. Preserved Florin apples can be in the refrigerator before the summer, and in a cool dark place – until April

Giving a harvest tree begins somewhere in 4-5 years of life. Apple trees, which for 10 years can bring up to 60 kg of fruit. Eat apples better in fresh form, since the preservation of them is not very successful

Florina has good resistance to disease. The scab (malicious apple disease) for this kind of apples is practically not terrible, just as the powdery mildew and aphids

How to plant Florino apple-trees To plant an apple tree it is necessary to dig a hole so that it is deep and spacious. In her place the seedlings and prikopat. That the young tree does not break from the wind, it must be tied up. To obtain a quality crop, it is necessary that the soil is fertilized and saturated with nutrients. It is best to use organic fertilizers or peat

The apple tree of this species is fastidious and needs special care. Young trees should be pruned. You should water Floron’s apple often, without letting the soil dry completely. This is especially necessary in the summer. To the tree in winter is not frozen and the roots are not gone, it is worth pouring the foundation with dry leaves. In the spring, you need to feed the tree with fertilizers and weed the soil. As fertilizer is best suited fertilizer from nitrogen. In summer it is necessary to loosen the top layer of the earth so that more air enters the root system

These measures will help to grow a fruitful apple Floron and to receive in gratitude from her delicious and juicy apples.

Variety of apples “Florina”