Variety of apples “Borovinka”

Variety of apples “Borovinka”

Variety of apples Borovinka

Borovinka, also known as Kharlamovka, Duchess of Oldenburg and Bravina, is a sort of apples whose origin is not known for certain, since it is attributed to the centuries-old work of the Russian people who invisibly created this small and, for some, unsavory apple tree

Borovinka is considered an autumn variety of apples, well known to gardeners not only in Russia, but also in North America. However, in the presence of acceptable conditions for growing, for example, in southern Russia, this variety of apples can reach ripeness in the middle of summer, which is not a rarity

Description The size of the apple tree is average, the crown is oval, quite rare. The crown of young apple trees is metoloid, or vertically-oval, with increased leaf formation. The crown base 6 consists of branches directed at an angle of 45 degrees with respect to the main table

Often the young uncircumcised branches are curved, tight-lipped, covered with smooth green leaves with a dark-brown hue. The young tree gives the first fruits starting from 5-6 years, while the apples are located mainly at the ends of the rods, much later moving closer to the central part of the tree

Young shoots are medium in size, have a dark brown color with a purple, less often a green hue, the pubescence is weak, the lenticules are small, rounded, slightly elongated. The internodes are long, leaves are bright green, large, wide, have a round shape and a darkish shade

The leaves are flat with slightly pronounced relief, on the surface of the leaf plate there are well-marked impressions. The leaf surface itself is glossy, has a graphite luster, its edges are wavy, with well-visible notches. The leaves are located on long petioles at right angles to the base of the branches

The apple tree blooms profusely. Flowers of medium size, collected in small inflorescences of white with a pinkish hue of color. The fruit of apple-tree is of medium grade, with occasional apple trees with rather large fruits, a kind of record holder. Apples are good for transportation, they retain flavor and smell for a long time

Advantages The main advantage of “Borovinka” apples is a rather high degree of fruiting. Since the tree’s 10th year of life, it is able to bring in 80 kilograms of apples per fruitful season. Old trees that have reached the age of 25-35 years, and do give up to 200 kilograms of apples, which at quite early in the fruit season is not bad at all. In addition, this variety of apples is sufficiently winter-hardy, it is considered unpretentious in the care and well tolerates any plant diseases

Disadvantages Among the shortcomings of this kind of apples, it is worth noting, first of all, the insufficient taste qualities of the apples themselves, as well as their unsuitability for preservation. The taste of apples is lower than average, in Russia the apples of Borovinka were not highly valued, although they were in great demand because of their cheapness

The apple tree produces fruits with an indefinite periodicity, independent of either the climate or the quality of care. In the same year, two trees of the same variety can yield either a good or a bad crop. The apple tree does not tolerate the drought badly, in extreme heat, even with abundant watering, the fruits can partially or completely crumble even at the stage of maturation

At the same time, despite the listed shortcomings, the variety “Borovinka” continues to be popular with gardeners, since it is indispensable in the transfer and consolidation of its positive breeding qualities to other varieties. For this period of time apple variety “Borovinka” is cultivated in many countries of the world.

Variety of apples “Borovinka”