Varieties of tomatoes

Tomato variety “Ultra-rash”

Usually tomato varieties with different maturation periods are grown on the plot. Early varieties are very popular, every vegetable gardener wants to eat home tomatoes from his garden as quickly as possible. […]

Tomato variety “Miracle of the Earth”

Among the varieties of pink tomatoes, the Miracle of the Earth is one of the best. He, like Mazarin, is in the TOP-10 of the best tomatoes, and, many of him appreciate […]

Tomato variety “Eagle heart”

Basic information. “Eagle heart” tomatoes very often receive positive reviews. They are beautiful in appearance, delicate raspberry – pink. The shape is similar to “Bull’s Heart”, but their flesh is softer and […]

Variety of tomatoes “Giraffe”

Giraffe tomatoes are a late-ripening variety that is quite resistant to various diseases. It is excellent for both long-term movement and long-term storage. The period of completion is about 135 days. Saplings […]

Tomato variety “The Golden Heart”

Basic properties. If you are interested in tomatoes that are great for canning, making juice, tomato paste, salads, and they are simply nice to eat in the garden for the whole summer, […]

Tomato variety “Honey Saved”

Ogorodniki often read the inscription on a bag with the characteristic of the variety, contemplate a bright picture on the other side of the bag and still do not know whether this […]

Tomato variety “Watermelon”

Basic information. Tomato “Watermelon” is a delicious tomato, with an original color as watermelon, striped. By color they can be attributed to semi – black varieties, since its color varies from dark […]

Variety of tomatoes “Persimmon”

Basic information This variety was bred by our domestic amateurs – truck farmers. Tomatoes of the variety “Khurma” refer to medium-early and highly productive selection varieties. From the time of seedling shoots […]

Tomato variety “Moscow delicacy”

This is a mid-ripening, very fruitful, belonging to the delicacy, variety. From the emergence of shoots to the ripening of fruits takes 120 days. Fruits fairly even for quite a long time […]

Variety of tomatoes “Miracle of the market”

Many will agree that there is no vegetable in the world more popular than tomato. Even it seems ridiculous, that more recently, tomatoes were grown only on flowerbeds, like flowers, and considered […]

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