Varieties of grapes

Variety of grapes “Victor”

Table grapes Victor is a hybrid. It was obtained as a result of crossing. Kishmish and Talisman were selected for breeding. Its fruits differ early ripening. Appear ripe berries in early August. […]

Grape variety “Amursky”

It is believed that the grape variety of Amur is winter-hardy. He is not afraid of low temperatures. This feature allows you to grow this species in the central part of Russia. […]

Variety of grapes “Lora”

Many gardeners do not risk developing grape culture in their areas because they believe that this plant is too thermophilic and will not be able to settle down where the cold is […]

Variety of grapes “Arcadia”

Arcadia – is a table type of grapes. This kind of grapes belongs to the best varieties and the ripening of berries occurs in a short time – 112-125 days. Basically the […]

Grapes variety “Delight”

The cultivation of vines in the middle zone of Russia is not yet considered a matter of custom. Not every site can boast of a tall plant with large clusters. It is […]

Variety of grapes “Codrianka”

Codrians is a very early sort of table grapes, which is very resistant to various diseases. For a long time, the buds bloom and the berries ripen, they make up only 110-118 […]

Grape variety “Augustine”

Viticulture is an ancient activity. Grapes are a source of healing power, due to its vitamin composition, and culture is the main winemaking. Not so many can be found cultures that have […]

Maiden Grapes

Even in ancient times, the landscape design was adorned with girlish grapes. Using such a plant, you can get a hanging garden of extraordinary beauty. Liana was used by the Assyrian queen […]

Variety of grapes “Isabella”

Isabella grape variety is seldom used for food in fresh form. More often it produces juice or wine. Full ripening of the fruit occurs rather late. Therefore, Isabella is used for landscaping […]

Variety of grapes “Kesha”

It is believed that the variety of grapes Kesha is a canteen. At the same time, his maturation occurs early enough. From the moment when buds start to blossom and before the […]

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