Varieties of cucumbers

Bush variety of cucumbers

This variety is called so because of its short stalk. The shape of the plant has the form of a bush. Scourge is not longer than eighty centimeters. The culture is very […]

Gherman cucumber variety

The modern market offers a large assortment of cucumber varieties, this choice can easily get confused. Sometimes a beautiful crop is not at all suitable for pickling. It is better to choose […]

Variety of cucumbers “Zozulya”

Variety description This vegetable is common among gardeners, because it showed all its qualities from a good side. From one square meter you can collect up to twelve kilograms of vegetables. The […]

Variety of cucumbers “Masha”

Popular among gardeners are varieties of cucumbers, which self-pollinate, early fructify and are suitable for pickling. The “Masha” variety also has such characteristics. This variety is a vivid representative of the gherkin […]

Variety of cucumbers “Courage”

It is believed that the cucumber – a vegetable is of little use, because it is more than 90% water. However, it is the cucumber water that possesses magical qualities. It easily […]

Variety of cucumbers “Balcony”

Crackle your own cucumber in the hot noon or open a jar of pickled cucumbers in the winter – it’s not a pleasure. Cucumber became such a habitual vegetable with our menu, […]

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