Ukrainian horse breed of horses

Ukrainian horse breed of horses

Ukrainian horse breed of horses

The first actions on creation of stallions of the Ukrainian riding suit come in 1945. Initially, this breed was called “Horse Ukrainian Group”. The founder of the idea of creating these horses was Budenny SM Skakunov for selection was selected in accordance with strict criteria.

Among the required qualities in horses used for breeding were high growth, its characteristics, density and muscularity of the body constitution, speed and mobility, obedient temper and the presence of learning abilities.

For 45 years, in attempts to employees of Ukrainian livestock farms, as a result of crossing the half-blooded mares with the horses of the Thoroughbred Riding, Hanover, Verkhovaya and Trachenenskie suits, this amazing sports stallion has turned out. Officially, the breed of Ukrainian horseback was registered in 1990.

Now the leading livestock farms engaged in breeding horses of Ukrainian horse breed are only in Ukraine itself.

Characteristics of the breed

Externally, Ukrainian horse horses are large, dense and very harmonious, about 166 cm tall. The head is of the right proportions and very large. Back is straight, massive and deep chest. Characteristic color: bay, black and light brown. The legs are muscular and well set, with well-developed joints.

This breed of horses is very hardy to various physical loads, which is not surprising, because it was created as a sports horse. The character of the horses of the Ukrainian horse breed is very energetic, they are easily amenable to training and management, they are sufficiently good-natured and frisky, they move productively in gaits. In addition, this breed of horses is very smart and smart, and also beautiful and elegant.

Ukrainian horses are usually kept in a pasture-stable environment. Still, being a pony, they move away from their mother at the age of about 1.5 years, after which they are intensively fielded and trained under the saddle. After reaching two years, the horses begin training at the racetracks. For the age of three, the Ukrainian top is characterized by a successful participation in classical equestrian competitions, excellent work in harness, excellent dressage and triathlon. Proof of this is the set of victories in competitions of various levels.

Ukrainian horse breed of horses


The great success of the horse of the Ukrainian horse breed provided not only the presence of an attractive appearance, but also the most worthy qualities necessary in sports.

So, about 50 times the horses of the Ukrainian horse breed were winners of competitions of the international level, including even the XIX Olympic Games in Mexico, where the famous Soviet-era rider I. Kizimov and the horse named Ihor managed to win the highest award – a gold medal. At the Moscow Olympics in 1980, this breed of excellent horses once again surprised everyone with high sports results. 3 Soviet riders and their horses Raft, Player and Squall became the winners of the dressage competitions.

After such a triumph of Ukrainian horse stallions began to mass purchase at various auctions of international level. In modern times, besides equestrian competitions, horses of Ukrainian riding breed are popular in tourism and hire. In addition, he participates in national holidays of Ukraine, as a symbol and a sign of pride of the country.

Ukrainian horse breed of horses