Tsarskoselskaya breed of chickens

Tsarskoselskaya breed of chickens

Tsarskoselskaya breed of chickens

Among the poultry farmers, the most important breeds of meat-egg category. Simplicity in care and minimal costs of money and effort make such breeds especially popular. Such breeds include Tsarskoselskaya.

Origin of the breed

Representatives of this variety appeared quite recently and combine the qualitative characteristics of the following breeds: orange-striped broilers-6, New Hampshire and in addition Poltava clayey. Thus, the breeders managed to achieve the optimum result, namely, to deduce a highly productive breed of birds, which is ideal for breeding under normal conditions of the master’s yard.

General characteristics

Chickens Tsarskoselskiy differ in optimal parameters of body volume and mass. The feathers are distinguished by a bright, saturated red tinge with inclusions of black and white. The tail feather has a concentrated dark color with characteristic strips for this variety of chickens. The feather surface is flat. The tip of the ear is colored red. Legs without feathering, skin on the limbs of a yellow shade. The samples of the described rock differ in their dimensionality and calmness of behavior, resistance to stresses.

Tsarskoselskaya breed of chickens

Features of the breed

Chickens are designed for a wide audience: from amateurs to professionals-poultry farmers. There are two varieties of the Tsarskoye Selo hens. The species will help determine the shape of the crest of the bird: pink and leafy. In addition to the visual difference, chickens with a rose-like comb are resistant to low temperatures. While the holders of the comb in the form of a leaf are exposed to the negative effect of frost. Tsarskoselskaya belongs to the category of meat-egg and ornamental hens.


The main positive quality of hens is a high level of egg production (about 180 pieces per year). Eggs of large size. Chickens early start laying eggs, which proves the high productivity of birds. In addition, chickens are excellent hens and accordingly take good care of chickens.

Meat has a delicate taste, because the chickens are gaining weight.

The maximum weight of the cock is more than 3 kg.

The quality of the pen coating and its density determine the ability not only to tolerate low temperatures, but also lay eggs. The feathering of chickens is rather rare and is typical only for 2-3 breeds of chickens around the globe.

Chickens can quickly gain weight. The chickens of this breed are resistant to external factors. Characterized by a high survival rate.


According to the conclusions of poultry farmers, the described breed of chickens requires refinement to fix the characteristic features and indicators of birds. According to experts, the definition of “population” in relation to the birds of Tsarskoye Selo should be used. A vivid example of rock instability is the unstable color of feathers.

Breeding of birds

Chickens do not require special care and additional conditions for effective reproduction and vital activity, which has a large number of farmers. The vitality of chickens is a positive quality. Even the northern regions of the Russian Federation are suitable for breeding chickens of this breed. Birds practically are not exposed to illnesses. It is necessary to monitor the sufficient supply of feed, since shortages affect egg production.

Given the above facts, we can conclude that these chickens are suitable for those who want to acquire not only a productive breed, but also noble representatives of the family chicken. At high rates of egg production for ordinary owners, the fact that Tsarskoselskie chickens are a population, rather than a breed, is not important.

Tsarskoselskaya breed of chickens