Toulouse geese

Toulouse geese

Toulouse geese

Home geese of Toulouse breed are formed by selection of ordinary geese in the territory of the city of Toulouse. In addition to selecting this breed, excellent conditions of keeping and feeding are attributed. Until 1941, Toulouse geese were bred in many regions of Russia. The species of this bird is due to its large size. The neck is medium in size, but very thick. The torso determines the powerful horizontally placed body. At the age of 2 months on the stomach of the Toulouse geese there is a fold of the skin, and under the beak a “bag” is formed. Powerful, short paws make geese inactive. The bird has an orange color in the area of the beak and paws. The average weight of the gander is 8-10 kg, and the goose – 6-9 kg. Males – the Touloucans can be used to mate with geese of other breeds. The peculiarity of Toulouse meat is high quality.

The contents of the Toulouse geese

A distinctive feature of the birds of the Toulouse breed is susceptibility to cold weather conditions. The premise for accommodation of Toulouse geese should keep the temperature more than 20 degrees above zero. This type of bird loves the warmth, so drafts must not be drafted into the equipped gusyatnik. The presence of a dry and clean litter for geese is a prerequisite. As a litter you can use straw, it will be soft for feathering geese. The degree of contamination of this bird is not too great, since feathers are dark gray. But, you can not miss the fact that moisture falls on the plumage, this is done cleaning the room every 1-2 times. Humidity is an important factor that affects the health of geese.

Feeding Toulouse geese is determined by their large size. Therefore, the diet of the Toulouse goose will be 2 times a day. Night time suggests more consumption of food, it is worth taking care that in the trough the food was regularly. Attention is also paid to the consumption of juicy fodder by the bird. For this purpose, the exit of the Toulouse geese to the pasture is ensured.

Types of food Toulouse geese :

– Cereals.

– Meshanka.

– Worms.

– Mixed fodder.

– Wheat.

– Corn.

An experienced farmer knows that for a large bird it is not the quantity that is important, but the quality of the food consumed. The composition of the mixture for geese must include various minerals that support the immune system. The gullet must always be filled with water. As a vessel for drinking use a large bucket, which is put on a metal baking sheet. The base provides an equilibrium at which water will not spill.

The main feature of the geese of the Toulouse breed is the weight of the liver. Usually the liver weighs about 500 grams. This delicacy is popular in the sales market. If we consider the variant of breeding geese of this breed, it is worth considering that oviposition in them is about 40 eggs per year. In this case, young hatching occurs only in 60% of cases. This is determined by the small activity of the Toulouse goose, so you need to follow certain rules.

Toulouse geese

Key standards for breeding the Toulouse geese .

1. Providing warm conditions for living.

2. Regular control over geese – poultry (most situations show that Toulouse hens are not plodding, so it’s better to lay eggs under turkeys or chickens).

3. Compliance with the incubation period.

4. Equipping the gun with light equipment.

5. Presence of a special kind of feed for small chicks.

6. Correct bait.

The Toulouse breed of geese is very popular due to its massiveness and rapid growth of young animals. This breed in warm conditions will give a big increase in goose meat.

Toulouse geese