Top dressing of tomato seedlings

Top dressing of tomato seedlings

In order to get a good harvest, it is not enough to choose the seeds of tomatoes and just plant them. Throughout its growth, seedlings require proper care. If the tomato seedlings are improperly watered and do not make mineral top dressing, then in that case it will be depleted and a good harvest from it will not work

The first days of seedlings After you have planted the seeds and the first sprouts of seedlings have sprung up you need to do it once a day, in the morning and preferably with warm water or room temperature water, in small quantities

The first shoots of tomato most likely need not be watered, but abundantly sprayed. Seedling tomato does not like strong moisturizing. If the tomato seedlings are flooded with water, then it will be very elongated and weak. After the tomato has two or four leaves, it’s about a month, it needs to be dived and you need to add the fertilizer in your life.

Picks and first fertilizing

Top dressing of tomato seedlings

Before diving the first shoots of a tomato you need to moisten the soil to facilitate the extraction of the seedling. Then the seedlings must be planted in separate containers. To do this, take a glass, pour the earth mixture, make a deepening in the middle of the glass with the soil and already in the groove plant a sprout seedling tomato

Then it is necessary to pour a groove on the ground, and pour the plant with a solution of sodium humite in the ratio of one gram to two liters of water. This fertilizer not only contains a large amount of trace elements and humic acids, but it also protects the plant from diseases and stimulates the rooting of seedlings.

What fertilizer and for what?

Top dressing of tomato seedlings

    The lack of nitrogen is manifested in the plant, if it grows in a small volume of earth on the window and does not receive the necessary minerals. In this case, the seedling tomato looks stunted, the lower leaves of the plant begin to turn yellow, which begin to fall off. The lower leaves begin to turn yellow due to the fact that they give their nitrogen to the upper leaves, which the plant needs for further development. Lack of phosphorus in tomato seedlings is observed when the plant becomes almost violet. That is, the underside of the leaf and the stems become a purple hue. In seedlings of tomatoes, just like in humans there is a lack of iron or as in gardening is called chlorosis. This occurs when the plant is illuminated around the clock, at night, the plant is processing the nutrients accumulated during a day and actively dividing the cells.

When and how to feed seedlings?

After two weeks after picking up the seedlings, most gardeners make fertilizing the plants. In general, fertilizing is done once every two weeks, this will be enough for plants. Each gardener has his own method of fertilizing, but all of them consist of introducing organic and mineral fertilizers into the soil. There are several options for dressing: ü For the first option, take a halfgram of urea and four grams of superphosphate, add one and a half grams of potassium salt and all this into one liter of water

ü The second way. It is necessary to take a half-gram of ammonium nitrate, three grams of superphosphate and one and a half grams of potassium sulfate, all this must be diluted in one liter of water

ü The third way. It is necessary to take one tablespoon of ash and pour it with two liters of hot water. Then this liquid is left for a day for infusion, after it is used as a fertilizing for the plant

ü Fourth method. To do this, take the eggshell and fill it with two-thirds of the three-liter jar, which must be filled with water. This tincture should stand for four days. After this tincture from the shell is diluted with water in a ratio of one to three and fertilize the seedlings.

Top dressing of tomato seedlings