Tomato variety “Sanka”

Tomato variety “Sanka”

Many truck farmers are already beginning to wonder what kinds of tomatoes will be planted on their plot in winter. Those who do not yet know what is best to pick up, try planting the grade “Sanka”. You will collect an excellent crop from your beds. Some truck farmers already plant this type of tomato and are satisfied with the result

Tomato variety Sanka

Positive qualities of “Sanka” variety. Sanka tomatoes are very versatile, as they can be planted in open ground and grown in greenhouse conditions. But in addition, they have many advantages over other varieties:

    Tomatoes already begin to sing in seventy days, it’s good for truck farmers. This variety has excellent resistance to diseases, especially to phytophthora. The bushes themselves are low, so do not think how to tie them. With these tomatoes, gardeners themselves can collect seeds. And this means that the next year the seedlings themselves can grow. What will save money, and the quality of seedlings will be better. Collected fruits people use in canning: pickle them, pickle or make tomato. They are also used in fresh form. In salads they give taste and juiciness. Therefore, its application is wide. Collect tomatoes from the bushes can be until the cold. Even the smallest fruits have time to ripen. There is almost no waste from any bush.

Grow tomatoes at home. As always, start with the seeding of the seeds for seedlings. The best time for disembarkation is considered to be the last days of March and the beginning of April

Before planting seeds, they must be treated with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Seeds become after soaking with pink, so they are first washed, and only then sown in the soil

This sort of seedlings can be planted in boxes, and then transplanted, since the plant does not get sick after transplant. But now in shops it is possible to get peat cups, and in them it is possible to sow on some seeds. It will be better to act on the shoots themselves. Tomatoes will ascend faster, and in this case you and the harvest will gather before the days of ten or five

The main thing, do not forget that “Sanka” needs constant watering. But in any case, do not water the seedlings with cold water. I’ll have to warm it up or keep it in the room so that the liquid becomes warm

Another light such tomatoes per day should receive eight hours. This is important for tomatoes. If less time is light, then they will develop badly, slowly. And more than eight hours, then the sprouts will be very elongated, this will make the stems of them thin and weak

Fertilizing in the soil is added after the seedlings are planted in the open ground. A diluted concentrate of bird droppings, manure or purchased organic fertilizers is not a bad idea. It is better not to use chemical mineral additives. Since chemicals can accumulate in vegetables

Tomato variety Sanka

When the first ovaries begin to appear on the bushes, then empty stems are removed from the sides, but do not tear off the top. Also water better with water, which will stand in the sun and heat up a bit

Water under the root so that water does not fall on the leaves and stems. In general, try not to wet them during the whole period of growth. Otherwise, plants become infected with phytophthora

For long storage at tomatoes do not cut off stems. You can cut the vegetable slightly with a stem. So you save and taste qualities, and the fruit will be a long time to have a fresh look. And therefore you can keep it for a long time. The color of this variety is red, but can be yellowish, but their qualities are the same

Above all, do not forget that it is not easy to grow a good crop. Therefore, follow the recommendations for growing tomatoes.

Tomato variety “Sanka”