Tomato variety “Pink honey”

Tomato variety “Pink honey”

Tomato variety Pink honey

Tomatoes “Pink honey” have long enjoyed great popularity among lovers of tomatoes because of its delicate, sweet taste, without acidity. Because of this sweet taste, the variety also received such an unusual name. What is a plant? It is quite strong and tall bush (1-1.5 meters) with a small number of leaves. Usually resistant to all kinds of viruses and does not require a garter. But this with proper care

In the first branches, fruits sometimes reach 1300-1500 g in weight, but if there is more than one fruit on one brush, their weight is, of course, less. From one bush is removed, as a rule more than 6 kg of fruits. The fruit itself during growth reminds the heart in shape, and then many of them change shape a little

Tomatoes are pink, very juicy and fleshy. They have a thin skin. Ripen usually faster than many other varieties, as they are in the mid-ripening varieties. The variety grows better if it is planted, where vegetables such as radish, carrots, garlic, onions or cabbage grew in the past season, it is good to plant them after winter and beans

You can “fertilize” them with fertilizers. The first top dressing is given at the beginning of plant growth, and then at intervals of one month. Suitable for this purpose are water-soluble fertilizers with phosphorus and potassium. If you grow this variety in the middle climatic zone, it is better to do it in a greenhouse or a greenhouse, followed by planting in an open ground in not very sunny places. Sun-planted bushes are usually slightly frail. These tomatoes can also grow on the window in the pot. Now about the temperature regime. Like all varieties of tomatoes, at a temperature below +10 ° C, the bush ceases to grow, and at +3 ° C it dies. Do not like these tomatoes and strong heat

At temperatures above +35 ° C, pollination and fruit ovaries cease. The most acceptable temperature is from +15 ° C to +30 ° C, and the most comfortable for them is +25 ° C. It should also be said, this sort of tomato does not like high humidity and abundant watering. Therefore, watering them is only when the ground begins to crack from drying out. When water gets on the leaves, the plant often develops “phytophthora”, so it is better not to spray the plant

Cultivate a two-stem bush. What can you cook from these tomatoes? Use for salting and conservation of these tomatoes can not be due to a very thin peel. But salads with them are much more delicious. You can also use them in recipes for cooking meat and fish dishes. Still from them it turns out magnificent on taste and a density juice.

Tomato variety “Pink honey”